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Last year, I posted a listicle about random YouTube channels that are just the right amount of “out there” that you need to see them at least once before you commit seppuku out of protest against JonTron saying more words. I have literally nothing important that I need to be doing right now, thus I’ve concluded I may as well post another one just like it. I’ve touched on more than a few recent instances of online drama this year already, so I decided something as nightmarish as some of the entries in this list would make for some perfectly light-hearted escapism. Glad you agree. Continue reading

Well, here we are. As messy as 2016 was for many, it just zipped right by, didn’t it? I don’t know what it is but whereas the year 2015 felt, to me, like it was at least two years long, I feel like this year never took a breather and consequently ended up going way too fast (Christmas 2015 still feels as recent as this Christmas). Either way, I’m trying to accept the good stuff it gave me. Fun activities and travels with the new schoolmates, moving into a new apartment and, of course, all the countless interesting movies we got.

As chance would have it, though, I’m only going to look at the ones I liked (primarily). There are some 2016 films I’ve yet to see, others aren’t released here until next year, and some of the actual entries on this list had their release dates last year – everywhere except here. I plan on updating these lists in the future, the more movies I see from a given year, although I do enjoy having some kind of summary at the end of the year and reflect on that which we’ve been given. Continue reading

I have praised and roasted my fair share of YouTubers during my prestigious time here at WordPress. You’ve all heard my thoughts on that one gamer (who needs no more shit thrown at him what with recent “YouTube Drama” debacles and such), those “Reactionists” and that one drama queen vegan who never shuts the fuck up, so I figured I should expose you to some content creators out there who are lesser known to most and more well-known than they should be to me. You can thank and/or lynch me later. Continue reading

The time has once again come to either go out and party or sit inside like a hermit and write about what the past year had to offer in terms of movies. Predictably, I am here to do the latter.

I should as per tradition point out that this is simply my personal recap of the past year’s most enjoyable film experiences, so if there are films “missing” from the list, it’s either because I didn’t go to a screening of those or I just didn’t like them as much as everyone else. I recently viewed some of the “Best of the year” lists by YouTube critic YourMovieSucksDotOrg, who has repeatedly made the case that you can’t very well make a “Best of the year list” just because the end of the year is here, when you haven’t seen a supposedly sufficient amount. Since I partially agree with that but still want to do a recap of the past year in movies, mainly because I enjoy doing it, I’ve decided to make a “Favorites” list instead. I would consider making a legitimate “Best of” list in the future when I’ve seen more movies, but YMS does such a good job of that himself that I scarcely think I need to.

Also, I know that several YourMovieSucks fans will accuse me of only caring about views and money because I’ve chosen to still post my list at the end of the year as usual, instead of waiting to see some more movies. I wish those criticisms held water because that would imply that I’m making money off of this blog and that would kick some serious ass. Continue reading

Senator Claire McCaskill recently made it big on Tumblr (she got to be in a gif-set with 20 000+ notes) when her clip from last Monday’s Late Night with Stephen Colbert started spreading amongst the users. In the clip, she lists some things that she claims are topics on which we no longer need the opinions of men, even if it mostly sounds like she’s listing shit she’s tired of hearing her husband talk about when he gets home at night.

This included: what women should do with their bodies, who the next James Bond should be, how to pronounce “gif”, Star Wars, pantsuits, selfies, Shonda Rhimes, curtains, carbs, millennials, body hair, religion, gluten, Harry Potter, nut allergy, Star Wars again, art, the correct way of cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, and ethics in gaming journalism. This all seemed like a simple, light-hearted joke at first, so I elected not to question things like why Claire would lump the abortion debate together with people whining about James Bond, why the “gif vs. jif” discussion would be any less uninteresting if women talked about it, or why she would appear on a show run by Stephen Colbert if she’s sick of hearing men talk about Star Wars (especially, I imagine, if their rant stems from missing the point of a satirical joke made by an MST3K star on Twitter). Continue reading

There’s a reason jokes sometimes make people cringe. They’re predictable and have already been done before to the extent that you want to strangle anyone who so much as talks about the subject matter of the joke ever again, comically or not. At least that’s one of the most common reasons, other ones being that the person’s “joke” is just a depthless reference to 9/11 disguised as “edgy” humor or that it has any semblance of a relation to My Little Pony and why feminists are evil. Either or.

I felt like not doing anything useful today so here’s a petty and insignificant rant about some really trite types of jokes that I hate. Sounds fun, right? No? Don’t care. Continue reading

2014 has come to an end and hoo boy, what a year it has been! Graduations, concerts, new universities, Greece trips, ever so charming hate mail and, most importantly, great new movies. With that, I welcome you to my collection of the 10 greatest movies of 2014 (and the obligatory runners-up)!

Before I get to the films I’ve selected as the best of the year, I will remind my readers, as always, that this is a very personal list and that I haven’t had the time to see movies that others have cited as great. WhiplashNightcrawler and Gone Girl, for instance, are recently released movies that I’ve heard people praise but they won’t be seen here. Basically, don’t get too mad if your favourites are left out. We done here? Good, then let’s roll. Continue reading

Before I start this baby up, I want to be clear on a pair of things. Firstly, I for one am not 100% certain that there’s no such thing as ghosts; I am merely observant enough of the world around me to recognize that there’s a lot of evidence against their existence. Secondly, not everyone who fully believes in the supernatural are like the people I’m talking about in this post. Many are, however. Otherwise I wouldn’t need to create this list of things that, honestly, I just wish they’d understand. Continue reading

Top 10 Greatest SCP items


A year or so back, I came across a uniquely intriguing and clever website known as The SCP Foundation; a Creepypasta wiki that allegedly represents the classified documents of a government organization that monitors the planet, searching for supernatural objects, creatures and locations. Their mission is to Secure, Contain and Protect. Now, of course I know that none of this “info” is real, but basically, if this was a TV series I would watch the living Hell out of it. I love this site so much, in fact, that I wrote a parody of it once when making fun of Beliebers but that’s a different story.

Think Cabin In The Woods meets Fringe and you’ll get the basic idea of what this is. Ever since the site very first SCP, written at some point in 2007 I believe, there have been well over 1000 new SCP articles on the site and I feel like I have read enough of them at this point to compose this fun little list of which SCP’s I think are the most creative, interesting or just downright scary. Even though there are most likely a few more out there for me to discover, these are my Top 10 Current Favourites from the SCP wiki. Continue reading

I once found a post on Tumblr that criticized men for often mocking the way women behave during their monthly period. The girl who wrote it made the confident assertion that men who do this are all hypocrites, since their hormones actually make them behave like that too, except that they do it all the damn time. Yes folks, apparently the indisputable fact of the matter is that a woman on her period is what a man is like 24/7.

It seemed legit, what with it being a popular Tumblr post and all, but in case anyone isn’t completely sold on it yet, I have taken the initiative to make this list that brings up exactly what menstruation does to women and see how much of it applies to the way men are “all the time”. Continue reading