Category: Birthday Wishes To Great Folk

Happy birthday to Mr. William Hurt! My favourite film of his: Dark City

Which is yours?


Favourite Depp-film: Tied between Rango and Ed Wood.
Favourite Portman-film: Black Swan
Favourite Fox-film: Back To The Future

Tell me your choices, why don’t you?

Also known as The Sixth Doctor.

In honor of Colin Baker’s birthday… just watch:

Ewan McGregor’s birthday. 

My favourite film of his is Big Fish. Which is yours?

Birthday of Michael Caine. 

My favourite film of his is The Prestige, my review of which I suppose I might as well announce.  (Even if I’ll probably forget to write it.)

Christian Bale turns X years today and is more pissed off at gaffers than ever.

Favourite Bale-movie: The Prestige. Tell me yours.

John Hurt’s birthday.

My favourite of his is porbably The Elephant Man. Which is yours?

Ben Kingsley’s birthday.

My favourite Kingsley-film is – what else? – Schindler’s List. I’m not gonna ask you to tell me which yours is. Instead, I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year. More reviews next year, my dear readers! Always know where your towel is!

‘Tis the birthday of the awesome Steve Buscemi.

Favourite Buscemi-film currently: The Big Lebowski. Which is yours?

Birthday of Jeff Bridges.

Has he been in a movie better than The Big Lebowski? I doubt it.