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I gave up and made a reaction video

New video, guys! I only just lately decided to stop doing videos where I make fun of people who aren’t in the least conspiracy theorists and jerk myself off for being “pro” the very science I ignore, not necessarily because it challenges my beliefs but because it bolsters the ones that aren’t mine, and do something much more creative. With that said, check out this reaction video that also contains a parody, a debate, and something about hurricanes and video games. Fucking hell.


PewDiePie goes public after his most recent slip-up in this brand new interview. This may or may not also be a sequel to another video once embedded on this website (that wasn’t entirely non-parodical) but I don’t fact-check this shit like some Mainstream Shill Network. Psh!

Big one this month, cocks. The San Andreas government finally unmasks all known metahumans to the public and the hunt is on. While this is going on, Jesus T. Christ returns to his messy home on Grove Street, Beast Boi rediscovers the scent of an old enemy, Misty continues to avert the authorities, Madame Völva the oracle meets with a remoreseful Wilfred Chipwhistler, Kingpinferno is on the run after Ghostbones’ death, Lex Jewthor gets a visit from beyond the stars during his exile, General Trax dreams of an unhappy moment from the past, and Loker/Experiment 0V2 continues to wreak havoc across the state. Wow, that’s a lot of nonsense. Thank God I’m no longer on summer vacation after this, right?

Oh and there’s almost nudity in this one. So that’s cool.

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And also, click here for a report on Charlottesville and Google memos and shit.

In the midst of the peaceful protesting of totally non-Nazi, non-KKK, and otherwise non-racist right-wingers in Charlottesville that totally didn’t involve leftist counter-protesters getting run over or killed, staggering new evidence of the exploitive business occurring at NASA and on Mars has conveniently gone unnoticed. If you thought the liberal Pizzagate shit was bad (let alone real), you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Non-satirical note: No, I’m not plugging anything for my own gain here. I don’t make jack shit off video-making and I don’t have a remotely sufficient audience to start a Patreon. I’m only doing this so you know with whom I stand. And hopefully I made you laugh a little too. Stay safe!

On tonight’s episode of This Month in Below Average Intelligence, we follow rational skeptic and rant video extraordinaire Rantor of Ancient Egypt as he addresses Vidcon harassment, CNN nonsense, and ventures through the Cyan Lodge as reality is somehow disrupted. Got a light?

And remember, leftists: For every researched counterpoint and science paper you throw at me, I can make one thousand gifs and political cartoons of Trump curb-stomping mainstream news logos with his pecs out. I think we know who’s winning here!


Truths are unveiled, backstories are revealed, and at some point, one must die. On today’s episode, Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ is finally told the truth about his existence from his trainer and friend Wilfred, and the latter’s involvement with the exploitive military Planet Defense Program. Meanwhile, Diana begins to try setting things right, the enigmatic ape alien Rocket Grodd takes matters into his own hands, Frank has flashbacks to long forgotten moments of his past, and Ghostbones Skullrider takes Willammar Gaddafisk on a crusade through San Andreas to spread disarray in the name of Tharkseid.

Also, here is some two-week-old footage from my youngest brother’s high school (or “gymnasium”, if you wanna be sufficiently Swedish) graduation. The last one of my siblings and cousins to do so. And no, I’m not feeling old or emotional.

Please help.

New video, folks! Fort Zancudo’s finalized metahuman experiment, Experiment Zero V2, is set loose to wreak havoc upon San Andreas. It is up to their previous experiment, Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ, to show what he’s made of and bring this monster back to Dr. Wilfred and the military. Alas, Wilfred fears that the time has come to deactivate CarpenThor, for good.

Meanwhile, Diana Leech finally unveils her true form; Ghostbones Skullrider collects more gear for the upcoming war against humanity; Misty keeps running from the military after outsmarting Norman Stillbourne; Tharkseid reveals the true nature of the space time anomaly at the bottom of the sea and Lois JewThor, who survived the attack of her husband Lex, gets a visit from another dimension and learns the true extent of her reality-warping abilities. That’s really where we’re at now.

Oh and here’s a video where the king of the truthers, Stephen Dawking, tears Bill Nye a new one for saying things on TV:

I love myself so much. Enjoy!

In honor of the upcoming Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie, I have decided to finally release this super-original and not remotely cringey movie I’ve had on my mind for a while. I’ve always wanted to join in on the Pooh’s Adventures trend and put my favorite character in my favorite movies by splicing clips together at more or less random, so here’s something to hold you over now that there’s a shortage of “Elsa and Spider-Man eat excrement with the dentist” videos.

Enjoy! Danskjävlar!

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Hi y’all, i’m cutie-da-bootie. i’m the white teenaje gIrl fully grown unapoloGetik basic bitch with 2 babies on da way who stands in for vIcTor when hes not available for blogin. i wa$ just chiling wif my grrrrrrlllll Kindle <3, watchin hiskoo mew cycle , da miley cyruS criteRion coLlection, & Keepin Upside Down Wit The Kardashians ❤ as u know, lookin aT Kredasgians is the most BADASS thin sinse the takin a midle fingeR selfie wit da sNapchat dog filter, lmfao fuck u h8rs lol 😂

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