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SpaceX having just pulled a Heavy Metal on us all by sending a Tesla convertible to Mars, certified truth-exposer Stephen Dawking decides to return to his roots and show just how easy it is to debunk Elon Musk’s latest, brainwashing lie about what the Earth looks like from “space”! Just to reiterate: WAKE THE FUCK UP!

look at me, i’m dismissive of the mainstream narrative (specifically the one about astronomy). i’m smart now. hee hee.


Black Panther? More like Back Planther! I got something else for ya! After the arbitrary mid-season hiatus our medicore heroes are back! CarpenThor is forced to work alongside his old nemesis Lex JewThor, as well as Beast Boi, as the state-wide hunt for metahumans continues. The heroes’ only hope is to defeat Tharkseid and prove to the world that it is not about where you’re from or what you look like; it is what you succumb to. Pretty deep, right? Nah.

Meanwhile, Misty finds out what her telepathy can achieve when combined with her newly learned oracle-powers, Diana is told the truth about her grandmother Madame Völva, Liz goes looking for Beast Boi, Mannibal joins forces with Gaddafisk’s mob with the aim to use the manhunt to his advantage, Rocket Grodd enters Dreamspace to find that it has been mysteriously altered, Sinistor has a meeting with a colleague, and Norman Stillbourne initiates the Final Experiment. Oh shit! What could THAT mean? Spooky!

Also, I’m just joking. Here are the real, honest, non-exaggerated reviews of Black Panther, the best movie ever made since the last time Marvel did a superhero movie. This one has a black lead for once (kinda like the Blade trilogy).

I tried something different with two of my more recent YouTube videos (mostly because the satirical stuff is actually bad, actually). Whereas most filmmakers write the script first and then shoot the film, I did it in reverse this time. These are two strange art shorts composed of some old footage my brother never used for anything, each with some sort of underlying narrative(s); sometimes about nature’s wrath against man, sometimes about relapsing ex-assassins who have obscenely powerful and supernatural fathers. This is the stuff my mind does when I should be prepping a degree project. Fuck it completely.

Also featuring helicopter shots that Jörgen, a pilot and friend of the family, helped us achieve, as well as test footage from dad’s digital microscope because why not? (Oh and I made a Steamed Hams meme too, I guess)

The final (?) episode. Truth-telling, intellectual YouTube skeptic Rantor of Ancient Egypt covers the Net Neutrality repeal, the CDC “word ban” (because it IS okay when “our guys” do it) and also Star Wars. Then, something truly eye-opening takes place. Click to find out.

Happy Holidays!

In the most lucrative Internet-fame jackpot since Jonah Mowry’s “People are bullying me, boo-hoo” video, an American mother recently released a video to cash in on people’s blind sympathy and make them feel sorry for the fact that her son was getting bullied for acting downright racist in school raise awaraness when it comes to bullying. You can bet celebrities and news outlets suckled on to that nipple immediately. Linked above, however, is an edited-for-accurasy version of what happened. You saw it here first!

Soy is destroying our bodies, mainly by inserting wrong opinions into them. Watch the latest investigative piece by Stephen Dawking to find out everything. Strong images inbound.

Also, there is a new episode of CarpenThor, because of course there is. Who needs Justice League when you can have literally anything else?

Halloween Safety Advice Video

† H a p p y   H a l l o w e e n †

In an age where women and celebrities make known their experiences with sexual harassment via the #metoo campaign and there’s also plenty of Pickle Rick make-up to go around (you need to have a very high IQ to get that reference, by the way), it was more necessary than ever that we released this helpful advice video on how to remain safe this Halloween, especially if you’re a part of the truly oppressed party. Please watch, you guys. Huggies.

Also, get a load of my tubular “Hackerman from Kung Fury” costume. Real happy with it! To think the mullett was all I had to actually purchase. I’m basically awesome. (Also there’s a cameo from my Slenderman costume in some re-used 2012 footage because… why not.)

This bears no relation to any recent events that showcase what is and isn’t okay in the YouTube Skeptic tank. Sorry it’s not Halloween-themed.

NEW VIDEO: Try to guess…

Ugh! Fine! On this month’s episode, CarpenThor goes undercover as the San Andreas government puts a bounty on all known metahumans, all while averting the dark forces of Tharkseid. Also there’s a blowjob scene. Sorta.

Meanwhile, Lois Jewthor ventures through the timelines, visits forgotten moments from her past, and may even discover an entirely different universe; Frank revisits lost memories of his own after another fight with Diana; the omnipotent Madame Völva takes Misty under her wing; Sinistor investigates a second space-time anomaly with superempowering properties; Chesterfield gets his big break, and Norman Stillbourne learns from General Trax of one final method through which to create the ultimate metahuman.

All that, some Lynchian imagery, and more on this episode of even more crap I threw together in GTA V.

I gave up and made a reaction video

New video, guys! I only just lately decided to stop doing videos where I make fun of people who aren’t in the least conspiracy theorists and jerk myself off for being “pro” the very science I ignore, not necessarily because it challenges my beliefs but because it bolsters the ones that aren’t mine, and do something much more creative. With that said, check out this reaction video that also contains a parody, a debate, and something about hurricanes and video games. Fucking hell.

EDIT: Yes, the video is more recent than the post. I made some changes. Don’t kill.