Victor is my name, film is my game.

Welcome to my blog! Here I shall write about silly trends, things that make me mad, things that make me glad, recent news but most of all – anything related to the fantastic art form that is film!

What sort of person am I?

I am a Swedish 20-year-old with a great interest in both film and stuff on the Internet, but unlike your stereotypical nerd, you’ll probably see me go outside rather often, as I also love nature and its beauty, especially towards dusk.

My interests besides movies, writing, and film criticism include litterature, surrealist/macabre art, sailing, strolling through town with friends, insects, astronomy, the ocassional video game and cheering up those closest to me. My blog is usually fueled by my negative and sardonic side but in real life I can assure you that I am a sweetheart. Towards those who in my opinion deserve it anyway. 

What will you most of at this site?

I will review bad films, filed under Negative Reviews, and great ones, filed under Positive, as well as TV shows. I will also be giving extra shououts to my all-time favourites in the category Movies Magnifique. Each review will contain links to possible previous reviews or the names of the actors and director will be click-able, taking you to the blog’s search engine which will allow you to see every review of a film that features the actor in question. For instance: Liam Neeson. Click and you’ll see every time I mention him/review his work.

My rating system for all these films, if you’re interested, goes as follows.

5/5 “whatever”: a Must-see
4/5 – 4.5/5: highly recommended
3/5 – 3.5/5: Worth watching
1.5/5 – 2/5 – 2.5/5: Worth skipping
0.5/5 – 1/5: Loathesome
0/5: Unspeakable or so bad it’s good.

Also, whenever I’ve nearly completed reviewing a franchise, I might do a masterpost containing all reviews related to that film series.

What else will you see me write about?

There will also be my thoughts on recent news, me ranting on something and somtimes nothing more than a link to something I like. My most noteworthy installments, in my opinion, are:

Journal: My most personal category, which will sometimes contain videos, retellings of events I’ve attended, or if you’re very lucky, an entry from my dream diary.
You Know What I Hate?: Things that make me mad.
News: My thoughts on recent events, if I care.
Song Commentaries: Me riffing on bad songs.
Questions & Hate Mail: Endearing questions and even more endearing haters.
The Rest: Random rants and other fun stuff.

That is all you need to know to get started I believe, so do get out there and enjoy my writing.

Some of my personal favorites to get you started: