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Brooklyn Nine Nine mixes a similar Office-esque style, minus the actual mockumentary format, with cutaway humour à la How I Met Your Mother, minus the obnoxious laugh track sound effects that will never be more than just that: stock sound effects. However, it is about as sweet and enjoyable as Parks and Rec; not the tone I usually go for as I am rarely impressed by the inoffensive. But even someone whose televised favorites include a show by Von Trier just needs to sit back and smile at the shenanigans of the NYPD sometimes.


If 2016 was the year of incessant sequels and reboots, 2017 is the year that our old favorites straight-up came back, or at least got to resume where they left off. Already we’ve seen the return of Samurai Jack, just one month from now we’re getting more Twin Peaks, and, oh, Lasagna Cat. Don’t forget Lasagna […]