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Sometimes the film is a love story between youngsters, sometimes it is comical, sometimes it sets out to be a little more epic and emotionally brutal than the design choices, performances (the cast is a rich blend of unemotive children and half-assing professionals), and cutesy interludes permit. A Wrinkle in Time is not as hard-hitting or enchantingly otherworldly as it insists on being (I never felt convinced by the CGI, for instance, in spite of it being objectively well-rendered). Like any other recent Disney movie, it feels rather safe and manufactured, sans the odd moment of sincerity. 


I’ll try to recap exactly what happened. The show’s almost over, Warren Beatty opens the envelope for Best Picture, a drumroll starts playing as he’s taking a peculiarly long time reading what’s on the paper, he hands it over to Faye Dunaway as though he’s trying to confirm something, Dunaway announces that the Oscar goes to La La Land, the cast and crew of said film appears on stage, and stands there for a good 2 minutes until the whole thing is interrupted, as producers Fred Berger and Marc Platt abruptly reveal that they actually lost, and Jordan Horowitz opens an envelope saying that Moonlight won. Beatty tells the audience that he had been given the wrong card (the one for Emma Stone’s Best Actress win) by a stage hand who will never work in Hollywood again and Kimmel promptly apologizes for doing a Shyamlan/Steve Harvey, as the crews of Moonlight and La La Land swap places.

Well, here we are. As messy as 2016 was for many, it just zipped right by, didn’t it? I don’t know what it is but whereas the year 2015 felt, to me, like it was at least two years long, I feel like this year never took a breather and consequently ended up going way […]

This year is a special year. It is the year I went from teenager to semi-adult and, as if fate itself willed it, the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony happened to have its air date on the same day that I, the writer of this shitty blog, turned 20! It was quite simply perfect timing. […]