Truths are unveiled, backstories are revealed, and at some point, one must die. On today’s episode, Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ is finally told the truth about his existence from his trainer and friend Wilfred, and the latter’s involvement with the exploitive military Planet Defense Program. Meanwhile, Diana begins to try setting things right, the enigmatic ape alien Rocket Grodd takes matters into his own hands, Frank has flashbacks to long forgotten moments of his past, and Ghostbones Skullrider takes Willammar Gaddafisk on a crusade through San Andreas to spread disarray in the name of Tharkseid.

Also, here is some two-week-old footage from my youngest brother’s high school (or “gymnasium”, if you wanna be sufficiently Swedish) graduation. The last one of my siblings and cousins to do so. And no, I’m not feeling old or emotional.