New video, folks! Fort Zancudo’s finalized metahuman experiment, Experiment Zero V2, is set loose to wreak havoc upon San Andreas. It is up to their previous experiment, Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ, to show what he’s made of and bring this monster back to Dr. Wilfred and the military. Alas, Wilfred fears that the time has come to deactivate CarpenThor, for good.

Meanwhile, Diana Leech finally unveils her true form; Ghostbones Skullrider collects more gear for the upcoming war against humanity; Misty keeps running from the military after outsmarting Norman Stillbourne; Tharkseid reveals the true nature of the space time anomaly at the bottom of the sea and Lois JewThor, who survived the attack of her husband Lex, gets a visit from another dimension and learns the true extent of her reality-warping abilities. That’s really where we’re at now.

Oh and here’s a video where the king of the truthers, Stephen Dawking, tears Bill Nye a new one for saying things on TV:

I love myself so much. Enjoy!