thot you wouldnt know that governor

Hi y’all, i’m cutie-da-bootie. i’m the white teenaje gIrl fully grown unapoloGetik basic bitch with 2 babies on da way who stands in for vIcTor when hes not available for blogin. i wa$ just chiling wif my grrrrrrlllll Kindle <3, watchin hiskoo mew cycle , da miley cyruS criteRion coLlection, & Keepin Upside Down Wit The Kardashians ❤ as u know, lookin aT Kredasgians is the most BADASS thin sinse the takin a midle fingeR selfie wit da sNapchat dog filter, lmfao fuck u h8rs lol 😂

anyway, i have an anownsement 2 maek, u can now finD me on TWITTER:

all da emoji’s n da sa$sy CindRella pic were mai personall litle toucheS. i kinda wanteDd 2 separate miselF froM othEr twitr meme paGes, ya knoW??

i retweet froM all da best n most RELaTABLE tiwter accounts 4 da real queen$, includin a dozzn “Common White Girl”s, aproksimately twenti “Sexual Gifs” n also harleY quinn memes lol (margo robie<3)! i may evn post some relatabel tweets of my owN abowt howw weird n random i am 4 breaving oxygen, how CUTE cumblerbaz n zaxophone efron are, n also OMG BEYONCÉ IS PERGNAT ❤ASHDKASJDHAKSJFHAKSTWERKFJHA KFJHAKHEWILLNOTDIVIDEBYZEROMNF ❤❤

Follow hear P.s.. no bois allowed, eww, lol (unles, liek, its roobert patentson or niall degrassE horan – but other dan dat doe)

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