Last year, I posted a listicle about random YouTube channels that are just the right amount of “out there” that you need to see them at least once before you commit seppuku out of protest against JonTron saying more words. I have literally nothing important that I need to be doing right now, thus I’ve concluded I may as well post another one just like it. I’ve touched on more than a few recent instances of online drama this year already, so I decided something as nightmarish as some of the entries in this list would make for some perfectly light-hearted escapism. Glad you agree.


Nicholas Fedorov

nicke freddeUsually, you can infer from YouTubers that create surrealist CGI shorts that they’re doing it to be deliberately shocking and maybe even funny. But considering that Nicholas Fedorov (a.k.a Stimp) is also known for his Deviantart page, where he can be seen doing the hoverhand on superimposed anime women and posing next to old computers, lord knows if he’s actually aware of what he’s creating. Maybe it’s meant to be adorable? I don’t know.

In addition to a horrifying Tom and Jerry spoof and several random animation tests, Fedorov’s most notorious work may be “The Computer”, which I think can be best described as a mixture between Vaporwave, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and Kraftwerk:

His music’s actually not bad, although the main attraction is still the shit this guy’s brain dreams up on a regular day and then turns into retro CGI. Also, KnowYourMeme tells me Fedorov is currently developing video games. My guess is that we’re in for an even less functioning Revenge of the Sunfish or an even less playable Eastern Mind. The future holds nothing but good things, is what I’m saying.


And how could that not be true?


Lasagnacat (Fatal Farm)

lasagaFatal Farm is the company behind a series of Garfield anti-tributes known as Lasagna Cat, which are often more professionally produced (even when employing Stylistic Suck) and hypnotizingly inexplicable than they ought to be. An episode will consist of a live-action re-enactment of a random Garfield strip (a studio audience will respond approvingly no matter how blatantly bad the jokes is), followed by a “musical tribute to Jim Davis” complete with a grinning portrait of the man himself. These portions can resemble everything from an Aphex Twin video to a generic hip-hop video, a silent film, a bad YouTube short à la Windows Movie Maker, some Miami Vice shit, Japanese porn, a fucking David Firth cartoon, and a Tim and Eric sketch.

The original Lasagna Cat episodes were published in 2008, only for the show to do an unexpected comeback earlier this year with even higher production values and even more music videos – featuring the works of such artists as 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and even Kraftwerk. Oh and also Philip Glass when they did whatever in God’s name this is:

One the surface, this stuff might look kid-friendly, but I’d recommend parents not to let their children watch this in the stead of those delightful “Elsa eats feces with Spider-Man” videos. Lasagna Cat can probably be best compared to the Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared series, which I have not seen more than one episode of, but is still quick to let you know that it’s not exactly the Sesame Street clone it appears to be. Either way, I give Lasagna Cat a paws-up! It is one of the most amazingly strange things I have ever seen on YouTube, and that’s REALLY saying something. Never has telling someone they’re unfunny had this much effort and itricacy behind it.

Another channel I can recommend if you love indescribable surrealism based on Jim Davis comics (famous genre, I hear) is whatever channel puts out so-called “garfielf” shorts. And here’s a semi-popular conspiracy theory for ya: the first person to make such a short might just be the same person as…


Cboyardee (wherever he is)

cboyardeeThis one may not count since Cboyardee has seemingly left YouTube, although his content is available in mirror form all over the web-ernet. He was mostly known for his nonsensical webcam rants and especially his trippy cartoons about deformed Dilbert caricatures. These are an interesting bunch of doodle-ventures, featuring such jolly shit as senseless murder, senselessly un-erotic sex scenes, what appears to be point-and-click game homages, massacres followed by suicide, and Seinfeldian water cooler conversations about football.


Like most items on this list, it’s hard to determine if these videos are incredibly funny, incredibly scary, or both at the same time. I tend to have a certain deal of respect for content that manages both, even when it looks and sounds like this. Also, this is what Dilbert looks like when (SPOILER ALERT) he asks Alice the final question before her death:


There’s probably always going to be someone on YouTube keeping this man’s stuff alive. As for him and the inventor of the “garfielf” fad being one and the same, we may never know for sure. And speaking of bizarre animation channels that might just be other bizarre animation channels reborn, let’s hop over to…


Cyber 8

cyber 8Much like Nicholas Fedorov, Cyber 8 specializes in amateurish 3D animations that stem from the darkest parts of the imagination. Following in the footsteps of similar channels like MrChriddof, AndyWilson92 and seinfeldspitstain of Jimmy Neutron Family Happy Hour fame, this Polish artist is believed by some to be the latter channel reborn. Sure enough, the day Cyber 8 emerged was suspiciously close to the day seinfeldspitstain posted his grand finale and paved way for another platform for hideous Jimmy Neutron fan-fiction and other hilariously depressing and shitty animation fever dreams with text-to-speech dialogue. Of course, Cyber 8’s imagery tends to lean more towards body horror and squick than seinfeldspitstain’s overly serious family dramas, so I’ll let you be the judge. Among other things, he gave us this:

Notice that this is a re-upload, by the way. Turns out you can get your channel banned for posting vids like this one. Or one in which the dorkier of the Cramp Twins mutilates his brother’s genitals after getting him erect and then drinks his urine out of a makeshift bag made from the foreskin. Or one where Jimmy from Ed, Edd n Eddy sacrifices his friends to a sentient sphincter that lives inside the walls of his closet and feeds him its excrement. Or stock footage of animals mating and giving birth interspersed with a mayonnaise commercial. Who woulda guessed? It all seemed so innocent.

cyber 8

Actually, nevermind.

That’s it for now, but if I know my own life choices correctly, it won’t be long before I get a reason to post another one like this. Stay tuned.