The episode where the shizzle hits the fan. Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ notices the presence of a mysterious chess-master known as Sinistor (played by a GTA Online version of yours truly), who’s either loyal to the military, the dark lord Tharkseid, or both.

Meanwhile, Lex Jewthor escapes captivity; Misty discovers the truth about her new mentor Wilfred; Ghostbones Skullrider is told to look up a methuman who may just have returned from the grave; Beast Boi and Diana fight off the vengeful Mannibal one last time; Norman Stillbourne tries to impress his father with the military’s weaponization of metahumans to no avail, and Stillbourne’s sycophantic servant, a monster named Chesterfield (yes, seriously), realizes how abused he truly is. This will be my last episode for a while. Surprisingly, doing shit like this for a year gets kind of old after a while.

In memory of Debbie Reynolds. Sort of.