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Hey, folks! Here’s hoping you’ve all had a merry Christmas and that you’ve rubbed it in the faces of those who either hate the holiday or think that everyone’s in on a conspiracy to take Jesus out of it, as if the birth of Christ is what Pagan traditions are typically about.

Mine, for one, was pretty good. The gifts I received include various Blurays (such as a Star Wars box set for the whole family), books like Thing Explainer and a Dark Crystal prequel, various forms of candy, and the obligatory bottle of liquor. Stuff I gave out, meanwhile, included a Little Prince DVD, champagne glasses, a Star Trek Beyond 3D Bluray (sorry), an old Swedish comic that my grandparents love, and a bottle of hairspray which I made the recepient think was a dildo. Then there was the Christmas party I had with the schoolmates where we played that gift-game with a dice and I went home with drink flavoring and new Apple headphones, because yes, I will in fact support Apple insofar as willingly getting their stuff for free.

I also gave my brother the new Age of Empires 2 expansion, ensuring that we won’t have productive lives this upcoming week, as well as a cookbook with deliberately shitty recipes. And both of us got our parents a deep fryer and booze, among other things. Sometimes it almost feels better to give.

Seriously, though. Happy holidays! More posts will come soon!