Two new videos today, folks, but only one that can be viewed internationally until I make use of my impending college degree and start translating some of my vids. That video is the new CarpenThor because yes, I am in fact still making these. This one features yet another animal-shapeshifter, more death than usual, and also some Jon Sudano.

The next video is a little trickier. It’s an episode of me and my brother’s Swedish show Victor Käkar, in which I eat stupid things and give the “meal” an inept and nonsensical review. In this episode I eat an egg with hot sauce, the results of which are amusing enough, but the selling point is my brother Oscar’s first-rate editing and visual effects work. So I recommend watching it for that (and the anime/MaxMoeFoe references) at least. If you want to skip all the talky bits (which’d be a shame, considering the “emo” commercial we did with our youngest and edgiest brother), that’s fine and good. Either way, click here: