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Two new videos today, folks, but only one that can be viewed internationally until I make use of my impending college degree and start translating some of my vids. That video is the new CarpenThor because yes, I am in fact still making these. This one features yet another animal-shapeshifter, more death than usual, and also some Jon Sudano.

The next video is a little trickier. It’s an episode of me and my brother’s Swedish show Victor Käkar, in which I eat stupid things and give the “meal” an inept and nonsensical review. In this episode I eat an egg with hot sauce, the results of which are amusing enough, but the selling point is my brother Oscar’s first-rate editing and visual effects work. So I recommend watching it for that (and the anime/MaxMoeFoe references) at least. If you want to skip all the talky bits (which’d be a shame, considering the “emo” commercial we did with our youngest and edgiest brother), that’s fine and good. Either way, click here:


‘Nocturnal Animals’ Review

This one's a Must-see!

This one I recommend.

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‘Tickled’ Review

This one's a Must-see!

This one’s a Must-see!

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Highly recommended.

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One of my favorite musicians – certainly one of our culture’s most influencial ones – left our plane of existence today. But, particularly in wake of recent events, we may just need the writing of Leonard Cohen than ever. That’s how most great artists survive after they leave, isn’t it? The world changes in some ways, but their commentary never cease to make sense.

After all, I can think of a certain politican who might lose his temper and, say, take Berlin any day now. Probably a lazy example but you get the idea.

Good night, Mr. Cohen.

Well folks, it’s confirmed! All the 4chan regulars and Extremely Manly Males who kept chanting the statement “when Trump wins” (surrounding clauses may vary) whenever liberal opinions would rustle their jimmies were evidently not bullshitting us after all.

Now, I know that I’ve said some disparaging shit about Donald Trump in the past. You’re probably expecting me to complain incessantly about what a dark time this is for the economy, non-white Americans, women, immigrants, citizens with disabilities, anyone in the LGBT community that isn’t named Milo, and trigglypuffs. I won’t do that, though, as I my views are no longer influenced by unreliable news websites with political biases or agendas. Instead, I get all my facts exclusively from right-wing outlets and libertarian podcasts, hence I can briefly cover the U.S. election aftermath without clouded judgement and with the understanding that Mr. Trumpet is the best president to ever be voted into office ever. In the Universe. Continue reading

‘Doctor Strange’ Review

This one's worth checking out.

This one’s worth checking out.

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‘Trolls’ Review

This one's worth skipping.

This one’s worth skipping.

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