Our first video today is one in which I feature as The Shade from DC Comics (it’s a Halloween costume, calm down) and give you some hot tips for a succesful Halloween night. Be sure to abide by these and have the fright night of your life. And watch out for clowns, especially Harley Quinns!

† H a p p y   H a l l o w e e n †

Next up is the next episode of CarpenThor.

A man who can transform into animals, named Frank (aka Beast Boi), laments the hateful stigma humanity has against his kin. Meanwhile, CarpenThor and Wilfred are brought into the secret world of Mymbranes, metahumans like Beast Boi who specialize in taking on the form of animals; Misty finds herself ensnared in the ensuing drama; Ghostbones Skullrider keeps searching for new additions to the army of Tharkseid; Diana meets an old associate, and Lex Jewthor fears that his wife Lois is growing far too powerful for him to handle, all while he himself inches closer to the clutches of General Trax.

There’s even more stuff going on than that but Beast Boi (played by Franklin) is by far the coolest thing in this entire episode and possibly the series as a whole. I would totally carry his children.