Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ continues running vigilante errands for his shady mentor Wilfred, as he contemplates his growing crush on Misty the telepathic store clerk; Diana Leech feels that the citizens she’s trying to protect live in fear of her and her kin; Lex Jewthor keeps searching for the artifact that turned him metahuman; Lois Jewthor’s powers grow stronger and more dangerous; Willammar Gaddafisk lurks around in prison, and Tharkseid uses the artifact to convert a new desciple: a tough but dim-witted bounty hunter named Ghostbones Skullrider. His real name is, of course, Red Cross. That’s three Marvel references in one! I’m the damn best!

Also here’s a response I did to CinemaSins’ blasphemous Everything Wrong with Shrek video. He was lookin’ kind of dumb.