youtubeRs mean a lott to mE n i wanna buy all their books. so noW, justt in time 4 buddhisTh christmess, i’ve paiD tribut to teh ppl on Youtub that hlped me the MOST 😀 ❤

hai twerkers, cutie-da-bootie here, whitest teen girl since Tay the Microsoft Bot. i just gt donne editIng muh video abt the best talentss on all of of yoyutube. these are the youtuberS who hellpd me thru all the harD timess, liek nott havinG enough sex in one weak, starbuckS closinn early adn getinG creaped oN by men who donT hot liek Zayn<33.

i luv all dese youtubrs with all mai ❤ i woud steal their content n put overused emojis on dem anyday n they meen da whole woerld 2 me!!!1 they r so good n cute n funy n perf, GOD, i wanna write the LeafyIsHere x SoFlo x Jinx fanficshion alreDY1! *gasp* maybe even sum cumberbatCh in their???+?1!0911 asdafhsafkjahfkhasficant asdkahdkajsfhcactusjuiceasdkalj omg

Hitler did nothing wrong