I’m not gonna say so much on this besides urging you to watch this video made by I Hate Everything after recently having his channel removed by YouTube for, well, stupid reasons. He talks about how channels more popular than average are far more likely to get to stay up, no matter how severely they break the website rules (since that’s the kind of effortless and redundant shit that gets hits and thus makes YouTube more money), but also about the fuzz he managed to cause when his channel was taken down by going public with it. He didn’t just get his fans to support him on this, but he managed to get some really big names involved like JonTron, YourMovieSucks, Jacksfilms, GradeAUnderA, h3h3productions, iDubbbzTV, Chris Stuckmann, and many more.

Thanks to all of this, his YouTube channel is back up. But this still needs to be seen and the shittiness of the YouTube company needs to be acknowledged, as well as the lack of power the average content creator has. This isn’t just about faulty automated systems, you see. It’s also about people – sometimes other, more powerful (read: profitable to YouTube) users – filing flimsy copyright complaints against these channels and taking advantage of the broken system to destroy content creators they think are in the legal wrong or just randomly don’t like (see iDubbbz vs. “Toy Channels” and IHE vs. Derek Savage).

So watch the video, guys. Now, preferably.

UPDATE: More fishy YouTube business, folks. It appears the defective copyright system has been affecting Doug Walker of The Nostalgia Critic too. He came out with the following video, highlighting that more and more channels have been wrongfuly accused of copyright infringement and unfairly deactivated for little to no reason lately, bringing up the aformentioned IHE debacle as an example:

You heard right. At this point, he is so fucked by YouTube that neither he nor his Channel Awesome colleagues have even gotten paid for their latest vids and Nostalgia Critic episodes. Knowing this, I’m surprised he even managed to remain as cool as he is in that vlog. Great, YouTube! Just go ahead and encourage ignorant copyright claimants to make life shit for those who are well within Fair Use with their vids whilst letting those who explicitly break the community guidelines, e.g. Reaction Channels (when it comes to copyright) and “Prank Channels” (when it comes to literally everything else), keep doing what they do. As long as  they’re popular enough to generate sufficient amounts of clicks and money, right?

And before any of you old-school Channel Awesome/That Guy With The Glasses fans sic LordKat on my ass, I’m aware that these content creators can be wrong in naming Fair Use as a justification for their usage of copyrighted footage (and also that Walker himself isn’t spotless when it comes to fucking over content creators working “under” him). Still, I maintain that everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves before losing their channel.

To come full circle, here’s another IHE video about what a mess the YouTube website is for content creators at this point:

This shit is starting to worry me. What if I’m next in getting banned for some stupidly fallacious reason and without warning? No way am I gonna get the support IHE got in order to have his channel restored. I’m hoping this clustershit is sorted out before that, however; hopefully by one or more human beings who actually work at YouTube and not some computer that mistakes everything for copyright infringement and rule-breaking (and plagiarism, something I imagine bigger channels like The Fine Brothers are gonna have a fucking blast taking advantage of). Please.


Enough said.