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Oh hi. Did the purposely stupid and ridiculous title of my post grab your attention? Well, good. Then you and I can have a little talk about the definition of true equality.

I had a discussion with my parents a long time ago regarding that very subject. The question was brought up as to where the line goes between true equality and exaggeration. How extreme can a person get as to what should be considered discrimination and sexism? Will people such asthe “politically correct” be satisfied when women are paid the same wage as men for an equivalent amount of work, or will the next step in the fight for equality be to find a way for women and men to start sharing the public restroom?

Because why not, we said to ourselves sarcastically as we snorted caviar and played privilege checkers (it’s like regular checkers except the white pieces automatically win). Why not direct women and men to the same bathroom? How do you suppose we are to create a world of true equality if we’re just going to sit by and let the genders do their shitting in separate water closets? If we remove this tradition, if that’s a good term for it, from society, would that be true equality? What about in marriage where it’s always the last name of the male that’s carried over to the woman but not the other way around? Should we change that too? Would that be true equality? Is there truly a place to draw the line or will the activists continue until all people are born a hivemind with both male and female genitalia so that there truly is no difference because differences are, I guess, sexist?

At the time, our discussion was somewhat relevant, and it might still be. In Sweden, where I live, there has been a debate going on for ages between morons and other morons about the usage of the pronouns “he” and “she”, and whether they should be replaced with a word that describes women and men collectively, since that’s so much closer to a world of equality. Similarly, they think “brother” and “sister” should just be “sibling”, “mother” and “father” should just be “parent” and, yeah, the list goes on. More rational Swedes wish for all of this to merely be optional – which, I’ll admit, I also found bizarre back when I had that discussion, but have come to find less bizarre the more I’ve learned about the transgender community. In select cases.

Y'know, speaking of gay marriage and such.

Y’know, speaking of gay marriage and shit.

See, what I’m sure some of you don’t know is that being transgender isn’t necessarily referring to people who undergo a sex change, or people who physically have one gender but adopt traits more common in the other – i.e. transvestism.

By now, not only have “biological sex” and “gender identity” become more separated concepts, but if you dare refer to a person as a woman just because they have a vagina (y’know, that thing that the word “woman” used to entail) you are a bigot and you deserve to be fucked sideways by a thousand Khal Drogos. And here’s the kicker: no, they do not necessarily want to be referred to as “men” either. Ever. Even in medical contexts, if the doctor hands them a sheet of paper and there’s no box that reads “other” under the part where you fill in your sex, chances are they’ll get mad – even though I could have sworn your gender identity had no bearing on what your biological sex is just a second ago…

The amount of homoerotic fan art involving Craig and Tweek I had to scroll through while searching for this South Park photoset on Tumblr is no coincidence.

The amount of homoerotic fan art involving Craig and Tweek I had to scroll through while searching for this South Park photoset on Tumblr is no coincidence.

What I find especially cancer (it’s an adjective, look it up) about these people, is that they try to argue against the idea that “gender identity” and “sex” are connected by using the rejoinder “OH SO YOU ARE YOUR GENITALS?!”


The implication, in case you didn’t catch it, is that all the different attributes and traits we normally associate with either sex are social constructs (mostly true), and that in reality, there is exactly ONE biological difference between the two sexes: the genitalia.

This… interesting way of looking at things has also sparked the popularity of certain people, usually Tumblr users (gasp!) getting together and shaming men who would turn a woman down if she is revealed to sport a penis rather than a vagina. Why? Because now these men are transphobic. And no, the same attacks are generally not made against gay men who learn that the guy they’re into actually has a vagina and then go “Sorry, I just don’t swing that way”.

At this point, I have pretty much just accepted that anyone anywhere can assign themselves whatever gender they want, regardless of whether or not said gender has even existed previously. But for the sake of your own sanity, somewhere deep down you have GOT to understand that calling yourself something doesn’t automatically make you that thing. Just because you identify as, say, a woman, you’re no more a human female in the biological sense than a person who thinks he’s a wolf (yes, those exist) actually has fur or a tail. In the end, it’s just words that you’re trying to change the meaning of because you have for some reason decided that you don’t like what the words “man” and “woman” mean (which I can get behind, mind you, in spite of believing you can’t just force language to evolve). Also, isn’t it fascinating how people who are so against labels keep getting sore-assed about people not using the right labels to describe them?

And no, it’s not just a question of genitals, which is an argument I can already forsee you dipshits parroting like crazy in the comment section below. There are more biological differences between males and females than that, including but not limited to their general muscle mass, adipose tissue, chromosomes and, oh you know, MENSTRUAL CYCLES.

There are researchers out there who can look at skeletons – SKELETONS, you assdick – and easily determine the person’s biological sex from such clues as the broadness of the pelvis, the bone thickness, the slant of the jawline and other plausible factors that I’m just going to assume none of you shitbrains have any knowledge of. There are literally mountains of evidence to support this, and most of it is the kind of shit some of us already know since fucking elementary school; I shouldn’t need to explain this to grown-ups in 2016.

More details available here.

More details available here.

And before anyone tries to make me “get it”, I do get it. Women can have penises and beards, men can have vaginas and wear dresses, and some people are something else entirely. Biology is completely irrelevant to identity. It’s simple. [EDIT: This doesn’t mean that I agree with arbitrarily categorizing humans into two sexes. I’m aware that people with actual PhDs in biology have come out with statements that it’s more complex than that. Basically, I’m still right that there’s a teeny bit more to the “biological difference” argument than “one of them pisses standing up”.]

But if you want people to respect your choice in terms of gender identification, why is it so hard for you to respect someone else’s sexual orientation? Why is it all of a sudden your right to tell someone who and what they should be attracted to? If calling myself a “heterosexual male” isn’t enough of a justification for me to turn down a female who has different sexual organs than the ones I’m sexually attracted to, why don’t I just walk in your footsteps and make up a brand new sexual orientation that you now have to respect because it’s obscure and fancy? You guys have just as many sexual orientations as you have genders, so surely there’s something for those of us that prefer women with vaginas or men with dicks?

Bottom line: if you still think I should be forced to fuck someone who doesn’t fit into my personal sexual preference just because you think it makes me less “transphobic”, be prepared to explain, in detail, how that makes you any better than creepy males who think they’re entitled to sex just because they’re “nice” and that girls are mean if they say they aren’t interested. Go ahead. I’ll be here.

And in case any of you didn’t catch it: the title of this post isn’t serious. I don’t mind homosexuals in the slightest. That was a joke I made back when we talked about how everything is perceived as sexist. Now, it’s a joke about something else entirely. If it’s agreed that being attracted to specific genitals (which is basically what gayness and lesbianism are as well) makes you transphobic, I might as well take that train of thought to the next station where exclusively dating men makes you a misogynist. This is what it’s come to. Happy new year.

That’s it for today. Always know where your towel is!

NOTE: This post is a compilation of different drafts I've had in my "Posts" list that more or less tackle the same subject, some of them dating all the way back to 2012. I felt like combining them all into one huge article would be a nice comeback now that all of my exams are handed in and I finally got the time to post again.