We can be heroes. And sometimes villains.

All within the same week, much has happened. Ziggy Stardust returned to the stars, leaving an immense musical legacy behind, and only a few days later, it was reported that Alan Rickman has passed away. In both instances, the cause of death was cancer.

I will always remember first seeing David Bowie in films such as Labyrinth and eventually growing fond of his music, and as for Rickman, I regret to say that his roles in Harry Potter and Die Hard reached me much later in life than his roles in stuff like Help! I’m A FishGalaxy Quest and that lousy Hittchhiker’s Guide movie. Either way, I will remember these two men fondly, and the world of entertainment shall as well.

Farewell, my friends. Send my regards to Lemmy and Angus Scrimm.


Rest in peace David Bowie, 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016

Rest in peace Alan Rickman, 21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016