Just like last year, I have made a video that retells the year that’s passed and all of its highlights. It’s been a big one, in spite of not being quite as huge as 2014, but even so.

Events documented include:

  • Me turning 20.
  • Videos I’ve made for a monetary compensation.
  • Graduation 2015.
  • My cousin’s wedding.
  • Various parties.
  • Shitty Snapchat videos from my time at my previous university (film) and the one I’m attending now (languages and communication).
  • Both Kopterfest events.
  • The sailing trip to Stockholm.
  • Meeting Weird Al (also Stockholm).
  • Going to see Back to the Future on October 21st.
  • Halloween.
  • Various other projects I’ve made/been involved with.

Once again: Happy 2016! And don’t forget to check out my Best Movies of 2015 list, provided you actually want to of course.