I love how you get just as much out of this one image as you'd get out of watching any of these guys' videos in its entirety.

I love how you get just as much out of this one image as you’d get out of watching any of these guys’ videos in its entirety.

It’s pretty fucking sad when you have so little to offer creatively that you make PewDiePie, The Fine Brothers and even Ray William Johnson seem like better examples of something. At least PewDiePie has some form of actual reaction to the stuff he watches. At least The Fine Bros. interview all their “Reaction Videos” subjects about what they just reacted to and thus offer up some sort of commentary. At least Ray William Johnson… um… well he… he, uh… Okay, his dick jokes make dumb 12-year-old boys laugh, and that’s still more than I can say about people who run so-called “Reactor Channels”.

What is a “Reactor”? Well, it’s someone who reacts to movie trailers or just other people’s YouTube videos, and also videotape said reactions to use in content of their own. But oh man, these guys don’t just include snippets of the work like The Fine Brothers and Ray William Johnson normally do, nor do they edit out and compile the highlights of their own reactions, no-no-no. These beacons of creativity literally just play entire YouTube clips that other people have made and react to them in real-time, which is often minimal in terms of actual “reacting”, usually giving an equally meaningless and unthought-out “review” of what they’ve seen afterwards.

This isn’t exactly MST3K-level commentary we’re talking about here, nor are the reactions as memorable as they might be in, say, those trailer reactions that Star Wars and Hobbit fanboys post (even when it’s deliberately stoic as a joke). It’s just a bunch of random, untalented assholes making a living by copy-and-pasting content that other people put actual time and effort into. “Famous” Reactors like Jinx, CJisSoCool and “the Big 4” do no such thing (even if Akasan seems like a good guy).

Recently, these hacks have thankfully been getting called out for the waste of carbon that they are, mainly by the YouTubers they’ve been stealing material from (PewDiePie being the first, allegedly). Here’s one video by Jacksfilms on the matter:

Also, earlier this year, iDubbbzTV gave us  this analysis of the travesty:

Yes, as iDubbz points out, reacting to other people’s reaction videos is actually a thing that these idiots do. They don’t do it as a joke or a parody of how easy and useless this entertainment form is; it is legitimately something they believe that people want to see. Bravo.

Moving on, here’s a fucking great one by GradeAUnderA that delves into the fishy business that goes on behind-the-scenes and how certain Reactor channels actually get as popular as they do:

And here’s what Derek Savage-survivor IHateEverything has to say on the whole shitfest (also bringing up why it’s different from Let’s Plays, movie reviews, and reaction videos that actually ADD something worth a shit to the experience)…

…followed by a video where he showcases some of the butthurt reactions (pun intended by the Universe itself) that some of these YouTube Reactors put on display in response to IHE’s smackdown.

Yeah, you tell those jealous haters, Mr. Generic Angry Black Guy. That’ll teach them to make videos with some semblance of creative effort instead of snaking their way around the YouTube guideline system just to get more views via inane non-reactions to videos that were entertaining without your stupid fucking face taking up much of the frame.

Go fuck yourselves.

That’s it for now. And remember: the only rebuttal to this article that I accept is a YouTube video of you staring at it in real time and then rambling like a dipshit for a bit at the end. Three, two, one, go!