weio 3I can officially die happy, dear readers. The other day, me and my brother traveled to Gröna Lund in Stockholm to dick around at the barely crowded park and, due to the lack of people, basically go on as many rides as we wanted, all while we waited for “Weird Al” Yankovic to do his first ever live performance in Sweden only a few hours later. Then something happened. We met a guy we recognized from YouTube, who told us that a man who closely resembled Al had walked into one of the rides a couple of seconds ago, and not long afterwards, we saw him exit said ride. A few additional seconds later, I shook the hand of one of my life-long heroes/inspirational figures and the following photograph happened:

Photo by Oscar, feat. Johan

Ain’t washing that hand any time soon (Photo by Oscar, feat. Johan)

And the best part is that this is such a “Weird Al” thing to do. He took a break from all his busy prep work and whatever else, just so that he could ride a carousel for a while. After this meeting, my day felt complete, but it turned out to only be the beginning.

weio 4

Click to enlarge.

The live show itself was absolutely spectacular. From Weird Al’s wicked energy, to the effort of all the stage hands and workers who made sure all the right props and instruments (need I mention the accordion?) were available for each song, to all the different costumes Al had on throughout the performance. It was so varied and consistently hilarious that I was never ever bored, and neither was anyone else in the audience. During songs such as “Beat It”, “Amish Paradise” and the Star Wars songs, everyone in the crowd was singing along and waving their hands. The passion was there for the entire show, but never in such a way that it got obnoxious or “too much” (There’d likely be more shoving and spazzing at a concert for either tweens or metalheads, I mean).

On the note of costumes, whenever Weird Al went backstage to change into something a little more intricate, a bunch of Weird Al’s TV appearances and comedy skits were screened for us. This included random references made to him in various shows, his appearances on Tim & Eric and Johnny Bravo, his fake interviews with other celebrities, a Whiplash parody (with an accordion instead of drums), and countless other hilarious clips. weio 2

But the highlight, of course, was the concert itself. Weird Al’s constant energy, his ability to get thousands of people pumped just by lifting up an accordion like it’s the sword of He-Man and ask the whole of Sweden if they are “ready to POLKA”, and the nostalgia of seeing him in the fat suit and the costume from “Amish Paradise” (my first ever Weird Al song) again – absolutely every second of it was wonderful. There was one time when they accidentally played a clip with the wrong audio, but I’d say it didn’t hurt what was otherwise the greatest day of my life. My feet started hurting after a while, I didn’t get home until midnight, we got lost for a bit when dad came to pick us up, but by Yoda, it was worth every penny and second!

Our video from the event will be out soon. I will update this post when it’s ready. Thanks again, Al!


UPDATE: The video from the event is now available on YouTube, containing nearly all the highlights from Al’s performance, as well as video evidence of our meeting him (at the 3:03 mark):

To quote Tommy Wiseau from The Neighbors: “What a day!”