Pictured: a silhoutted younger version of my brother and a

Pictured: a silhouetted younger version of my brother and a “pretty much the same” version of grandpa.

Grandpa may have sold his boat after having it vandalized in 2011 – those little shits – but that won’t stop us from kidnapping my brother and taking him with us on the boat that belongs to his son, e.g. my maternal uncle of sorts, and finally take on the heavy seas of the Baltic like we used to. We’ve been planning to make a return to that ocean for months now, and tomorrow morning, the anchors are being raised.

We’ll be travelling between Nyköping and Stockholm, which should take us about 4 days with the route we’re going. But we’ll also be spending an indefinite amount of days (likely a grand total of 1) in Stockholm, so I won’t be back to write for you until at least Thursday, and even then I might be busy looking for jobs if I decide to leave the university I’ve gone to for this last year. However, I plan on posting reviews of Inside Out and the new Fantastic Four as soon as I can.


Until then, I’ll be enjoying life on the salty waters of the Baltic. How I’ve yearned to go back!

I’ll see you folks later. Always know where your towel is!