This is a sad day for film lovers everywhere.

This is a sad day for film lovers everywhere.

Of all the actors I know, not only have there been few as legendary or badass as Sir Christopher Lee, but I’ve never been this certain that a person is actually immortal. This is a man who has been an actor since the 1950’s, has played Dracula, Saruman, a Bond villain, Frankenstein’s monster, and Count Dooku in Star Wars, has met Tolkien in real life, assasinated motherfucking Nazis during World War II, and even been the lead singer of a metal band. Basically, when I thought ”Christopher Lee”, I thought of someone who is genuinely too powerful to perish.

But alas, his time has come, although part of me thinks he’s not really dead, but in fact simply returning to his coffin to sleep for a 100 years and then return younger and even more powerful.

In seriousness, though: Christopher Lee, thank you for an unmatchable contribution to film history and may your rest be peaceful. You’re leaving a massive legacy behind you, and I hope that fellow horror icons Peter Cushing and Vincent Price are greeting you on the other side.


Rest in peace Christopher Lee, 1922-2015