hereS a SOOO true and relatable meme<3 i finded On tumblrr, wheartit AND twiter be4 we start diS blogpost:

OMFG literally me LMAO XD

OMFG literally me LMAO XD

anyways…. Hi, i’m cutie-da-bootie. i’m the white teenaje gIrl who stands in for vIcTor when hes not available for blogin. u might rememver me from mai cumonterry of Ded can DanCe and mai text reviuew off ASDLKADHALKJHAF so fukin awesome best cute moviez evar high school musikal.



Tof Today im going to tallk to u FOLKs abOut dis AWsum guy:


<333 ohh yea

rememburr himm?? (hit LIKE if you do) Dats Ray William JOhnston, and 4 a while, he was, liek, THEEEEEEEEEEEE funiest dude guy on the YoutUbe!!! i meen wow, takiN otherr persons funy virall videOss and semi-explainin WHY dey r funny? HOLY SHYUT, im pissing miself laughin jusT thinkin about how fukin GENIUS dat setup is, hahahahaha, x’D (i fink even a litl periOd blood camed ouT,, im such a feminist lol ♀girlp4w3r♀ *rawr* ^w^)

but den wut does he FUkin do?? afteRr so many yersS of doin his completeli frikin Perfekt comeddi routinez, he effin’ LEAVES youTubes,,,, WTF? U were so funy wif all dose vids dat werent urs & all ur jokEs abyout buttsecks??? whY da fuk wouldC some1 DAT grounddbreakinly oridginull anD funy (not 2 mention supercuuute, LOL ;*) leaeve YT lyk dat?,, everythiin else is shitt now,Raaaay, pls cum bäk!”1

❤ ❤ #bringbackRay2015 ❤ ❤

i mean, fuk al those other GAY Youtuberrses wif legitimiteLy hiGh produkTioNs valUess lieak fReddle wong and pppl wHo makw aCtul comenTary on tHe vids theyy examinw liek maDDox. pshh no u virgin bois lol, stanDin in frunt off variUs postersS whilsT makin ASDHFLKSJDH so funy dickJokes ovah randuM virall vids – now DAT is wut ppl w/ REAL talont prduce!!11!’ take notes idiosts, LOL :*

but srsly, he hass ben gone for 2 many yers noaw, anD his replacment att da Eqwals 3 showW isS sooooooo fukin gay n shittyyy. hey loserr, guess wat? u need two ACSHULLY hav talent 2 be aybel too replickate ray’s incredibly complexX anD intercate comedic setupP, not 2 mentionn his well thought outT joeks abut dickS asses n vagynaz, so getT ur headD Bäk inside ur asS u nerd, anD start brainstormin’ alonside the other 8 wriTurs dat r apparentlY required 2 putt this fukin mästerpies off a modern humor shoew toGedder. suck mai twerk

sory ifF i swore too much, Ray (I know ur highbrow sense of hummer puts u abov such unorthadocks vocabulstics).

i just miss u, k? love u

Thank u 4 readin dis, n pls add me onn twittler so u can watCh me complenn about hau boyz witH hot boddies onlY want me 4 my body,, (srsly WHO DOES THAT??+? :’C ) bye babes


— p.s, zayn leavin one DirectioN is dA woerst thiNg dat hass happened to me since da Ray willem jonson thing, OMG D’: anD tbh, even tho his new, post-1D musicK souwnds pretteh good, im still gonna cut4zayn, tee-hee tru directioner rite hear, ilu zyan ❤ ! kbai