O B L I G A T O R Y    H A T E    M A I L    #13

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Never mind the fact that all the hate speech is directed towards a black musician and her black compatriots from a white male, under the pretence of supporting good taste in music. If you don’t like her music don’t listen its not that hard, I don’t like it myself and I manage to survive without hearing any of it.
There are a lot of similar pop artists making terrible music, why don’t you spew hate towards them? What has she done personally to you to deserve such treatment? Does the color of her/their skin have something to do with it??
Think critically before you support such behaviour. Its her job to make popular music, that’s how she pays her bills and takes care of herself. Don’t blame her for catering to the tastes of the public.
Grow the Fuck Up

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You know what I really love? I love how Nicki Minaj’s music is literally so indefensibly bad that people have to pull the “you just hate her because she’s black and/or empowering women you indisputable racist and sexist”-card EVERY fucking time you say something bad about it. No dipshits, I don’t need to be a racist to think her music’s shit, nor do I need to hate women, and if you really need to pull that card when defending her music, that says more about the quality of the music than it does about whomever you’re pulling your desperate bullshit cop-out on.

Also, you got it wrong — I’ve made fun of plenty of shitty crowd-pleasing pop music that isn’t made by Minaj. Or a black person in general. Try to get things like this right before calling me out on something, Sam. It’ll make you look like marginally less of a dumbass.

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“You’re just jealous”. I would say i COULD be the right use of word. Since you state your personal opinion that you HATE him, I think thats okay. Cool. But why waste you time writing a whole ton to express that you hate him. If anything, you could just share it only with you frriends, no reason provoke a whole lot of people. I ain’t the biggest fan to pewdiepie. But I wouldn’t write such stuff about a friend or someone i meet at the street. I would keep the hate for myself or maybe just poke to at friend and get his opinion, that’s it it. No more.

I see why people hate him, but is it really necessary to share you hate with the WHOLE internet. People will take offense, some don’t care, some people will not even notice. But at the end of the day, you might just have shared something that can bring the mood down on people. If you want to chat with others that hate him, go form so private room.

Hell, I don’t understand why i try (Victor’s Note: neither do I). It shouln’t be hard to understand. w/e.

P.S: I might not notice a reply since, I don’t use this email. Peace

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Thanks for the ingenious commentary, Hidden. On the topic of not understanding why you even try, I know exactly how you feel, mostly due to the fact that I’ve already made numerous attempts to answer some of the questions raised within the text of this comment. But oh well, if at first you do not succeed…

I wrote the PewDiePie article mostly because I felt like sharing my opinion on something I found bizarre enough in its popularity to be worth bringing up, and also because I’ve always found negative reviews presented in a somewhat exaggeratedly caustic way to be entertaining. Whether or not I like the thing that’s being bashed doesn’t matter because I still find reviews like that entertaining, unless the critic in question presents some legitimately invalid points, in which case I’ll point these out.

Even though I indeed suspected that not everyone would let my article slide, I was at least hoping that the comments posted would inspire such a discussion. Sure, I’ve had some people come on here and assure me that PewDiePie has gotten more creative and that his jokes are slightly fresher. That’s the kind of talk I hoped this article would result in, but I knew that I’d also be attacked by a bunch of fanboys who don’t know much better than to simply call me “jealous” and “a loser” and I’ll be damned if shit like that isn’t at least HALF as amusing. Here, have a shot!shots

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Alejandro Rodriguez
1 March at 4:00 am

Please make more implicit propaganda about PewDiePie & how PewDiePie is bad, etc.
I’m so curious why you make a PewDiePie hate page. Obviously he’s nailing the shit of a whole success thing. And on top of that, he’s clearly entertaining the shit out of millions of people on a regular basis. You sitting there criticising PewDiePie because you don’t understand why people find him to be entertaining. Is like me watching Power Rangers and criticising the fact that the monsters don’t seem realistic. PewDiePie in so many ways is just a modern day kids show. And that’s not meant to be an insult! For example: I myself very much like watching Tayo the Little Bus. I don’t even know if that’s a kids show; that might be a baby show. A lot of people don’t understand why I like watching that show. But I fucking do and fuck you for thinking just because you don’t like it means no one can like it! Some people like PewDiePie, some people like Tayo the Little Bus, fuck you! (that’s my example fyi)

As for why PewDiePie is SO annoying? It’s just how a lot of people think Paris Hilton is a dumb fucking bitch. Or Kim Kardashian is a soul sucking suckibus (Idk how to write it lol) Or South Park is “offensive”. So you not liking it something isn’t gonna make everybody else not like it to. I’m not a fan of PewDiePie. That doesn’t suddenly mean he’s gonna stop having fans. You’re not the sinner of the world, neither am I. Some YouTubers can be annoying as fuck to you. That’s fine but it’s in your best interest to get the fuck over it. Because if they’re successful, they’re likely gonna keep making the videos they make regardless of whatever stupid shit you have to say about them. Conclusion, PewDiePie acts the way he does because it works. You think he’s annoying? Okay he’s an annoying millionaire. Haters gonna hate.

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Thanks for the lecture, Alejandro, although you seem to be guilty of falling into the habit of confusing criticism with pushing your opinions as objective facts. I like making fun of shit that’s easy to make fun of. Like you said, it’s like people making fun of Kim Kardashian. An even better analogy is the Transformers movies, which are insufferably idiotic and shitty, albeit a fucking riot to write about after watching. Now, I don’t actually watch PewDiePie so, at this point in my life, I really couldn’t give two shits about how popular he gets, mostly because I also understand that popularity and quality aren’t automatically related. See kid, that’s the problem with your critique. I for one actually do understand why PewDiePie is famous. It’s because he panders to an easy demographic, much like, again, the people who make money off of  Transformers. The amount of money they make is exactly 100% irrelevant to whether or not I’m gonna choose to make fun of the material itself. But again, I no longer car about PewDiePie so much as I care about the shenanigans his dumbass fanboys get up to as soon as they hear something vaguely critical be said about their precious hero. Frankly, that kind of bullshit deserves to be exposed for the crime against humanity that it is, even if PewDiePie calling his fans out on it personally has been proven futile in the past.
As my readers have no doubt noticed by themselves, this guy also tried to pass off my criticisms of PewDiePie as “propaganda”. Trying to ask him what the flying fuck he even meant by that resulted in the following response:

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Alejandro Rodriguez
1 March at 3:03 pm

Let me define it.

uncountable) Things that are written or said, often by someone in power, that are not true or that are one-sided. So… it sounds like your page is baseless because of ranting about PewDiePie.

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Yeah, thanks, I know what the fucking word means, dick. You know what would really help take your point home, though? Examples. Sharing an opinion about something on YouTube, i.e. criticism, isn’t propaganda, so I’m really curious as to where you got the idea that what we’re doing here is propaganda. You aren’t gonna prove that my opinions are invalid by labelling them with words that you’re too inane to understand. Again, you can tell by yourselves that Alejandro isn’t really getting anywhere with this. In a final meaningless attempt to put me in my place, however, he leaves me hangin’ with this:

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Alejandro Rodriguez

PewDiePie is not going to give up or get butthurt. By all means keep sending me heinous comments buddy.

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Huh, now that’s funny. I thought I already made it clear to you that I don’t give a shit about whether or not PewDiePie continues producing content. And in fairly simple English too. Guess not.

That’s enough bullshit. I need to shove a drill into my dickhole to ease the pain. Or maybe I’ll watch this, I dunno: