“Waah, eating other animals is morally reprehensible, waah!

Yeah, except that doesn’t make sense because humans aren’t the only animals on the planet that use the meat of a select few other types of animal for nourishment (I say “select few” since I feel the need to emphasize that humans eating cows but loving dogs is no more “contradictory” than lizards eating bugs but not elephants), and frankly, I see no actual point to feel bad about loosely mimicking the survival tactics of lions and wolves. Thank you, though.

“Waah, but humans don’t require meat intake to survive and besides,
you’d be SOO much more healthy
if you ate something else and dropped meat altogether, waah!”

Uh-huh, sure, and guess what? Humans also do not need to eat cake or candy or any other unhealthy foods that it’s absolutely none of your beeswax whether or not people eat. Not everyone wants to live forever and not everyone is so depressingly deluded that they think health is the sole key to happiness or whatever it is you guys think of yourselves these days. Also, with regular excercise and balanced eating habits, a couple steaks and cakes probably won’t mean instant death to anyone. So please, stop being a crybaby about diets that don’t concern you or even affect you personally and kindly mind your own food-related business.

“Waah, but lives aren’t at stake when it comes to cake
because cake doesn’t contain animals, waah!

Right, and why does that matter again?

“Waah, because eating other animals is morally reprehensible!”

[Repeat. Forever.]


There. Now you have something to send to any given vegan or vegetarian who chooses to give you a piece of their mind whether you ask for it or not. It’s a time-saver for both parties. You’re welcome. Buh-bye now!

EDIT: I didn’t include the “you’re not a true meat-eater because you eat cooked meat and not raw” argument, as I’m fairly certain vegetarians don’t eat their potatoes straight out of the dirt without cleaning, cooking, seasoning or any other preparations. And if they do, I won’t even pretend to be surprised.