We never stop dying from the day we’re born till the moment we die. In the end few things remain important. How much of it was worth while?

Read this quote in Jaden Smith’s voice while playing this music. You’re welcome.

 When you express your true views despite social norms, you’re not always completely right, but with honesty you can never be entirely wrong.

Aaand here we go again with Onision reminding the world of how honest he is. Not sure who he has left to fool with this “I’m an honest person by sheer virtue of the fact that I say so” routine, but y’all knew it was coming regardless.

The best part about this one, though, is that it manages to be even less subtle than usual since Greg goes on to insist that he’s “never entirely wrong”. First of all, Greg, yes you can be entirely wrong even if you’re honest (which, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that you actually are). That’s the thing about expressing opinions and telling others your world views. Sharing your actual views on a subject has no bearing on whether or not the shit you’re saying is “right”. For example, your honest opinion could be that the sky is pink. The sky isn’t pink. You’re completely wrong if you think that, even if you’re honest about HAVING that misconception about reality.

Secondly, can we please just stop pretending that people become blind to blatant lies and hypocritical statements just because the person behind them constantly proclaims themselves an honest person in Facebook posts? Lies don’t become truths if you repeat them often enough, Greg, especially when it concerns an image you desperately want other human beings to have of you. Your words speak for one thing, but your actions speak for another thing entirely.

Y o u ‘ r e    n o t    k i d d i n g    a n y o n e !

Either stop trying to enforce this tedious “honesty” facade that everyone that isn’t a brainwashed fangirl can already fucking see through, or stop making shit up about your life. It’s getting old.

I love the truth because it feels good to tell it. When I was a kid, whenever I lied I felt like crap… the truth is freedom.

“All cruel people describe themselves as paragons of frankness.”
– Tennessee Williams.

Wow. I think I finally figured out Onision. At some point in the past, Greg deliberately made it his life’s purpose to be the living embodiment of what that quote is about and I’d be fucked sideways if he isn’t doing a first-rate job at being just that. I mean, he’s got to be doing this shit on purpose now! The only way he could make this any more devastatingly desperate and in-your-face is if he were to tattoo the word “honest” onto his penis and masturbate to his own reflection and use the semen to write “honest” on the floor. I’m sure his dipshit fanboys would still fall for it just fine. You guys are grade A! Please never have children.

Also, I can’t help but guess that the true meaning of this post is “When I was a kid, I felt like crap when I lied, but not anymore”. I believe you, Greg.

You’ll often find Vegans riding their high horse because they haven’t butchered & eaten theirs like most everyone else.

Thanks for pointing that out. They’ll be easier to avoid now.

Anyway, to the literally hundreds of people who thanked me for “saving their lives” over the last 8 years, I just like to establish that I didn’t save anybody. I simply sometimes say things that inspire people to save themselves.

That’s right, Greg. Focus on the people who take your bullying as “advice” and actually buy your self-fellating “I’m so helpful” shtick. It’s good that you still have the self-delusion to keep glossing over the hundreds that probably didn’t take your so-called jokes about cutters as “things that inspire people to save themselves” and most likely got even more hurt by watching you be an ignorant prick on YouTube.

And yes, I know that you keep tossing around your bullshit excuse that if we don’t like it we shouldn’t watch it, but that’s the thing about you, Onision. You’re not as famous or renowned as you so dearly like to think you are. Not everyone knows you’re an unhelpful dick and so they might come across your self-harm videos by accident, be triggered into feeling worse than they might have already been feeling, and do even worse shit to themselves. Or hell, some people might actually start off as admiring fans of yours, and then be completely horrified to discover how much of a dangerously oblivious fuckstick you are when speaking out on such issues as depression and self-harm, and then go right back to feeling like shit. It doesn’t matter how many hotlines you refer them to or how many times you tell everyone not to watch your videos or that you’re “just joking”. Your words have still hurt people and they will hurt others that stumble across your videos with no warning of who you are.

But okay, now I feel like I’m being too harsh. For one moment, let us try not to be too dismissive of Onision. I’m sure that he too can learn to realize his mistakes, especially when it’s something as blatantly cruel as hurting people with depression, and change as a pers-

Writes joke, performs joke & then edits video for hours before uploading the joke. You can’t put that much effort into something & not mean it. Most any apology would be a result of peer pressure, not the comedians true feelings. Real talk. Just be honest people. It’ll be ok.

Just… fuck it. Forget I even said anything.

Well now ya finally know, folks. If you’re actually enough of a non-shitty waste of human life to make a retraction on a statement that could potentially have made things worse for an individual with suicidal fucking tendencies, then you’re just a conformist pussy that’s buckling under peer pressure. Ha, what a wuss. Also, I swear to God, if you use the word “honest” one more time… I might not do much of anything but I will be slightly annoyed and leave the rest of my analysis of you to Karl Pilkington:

Onision’s not an idiot. Onision doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as idiots. Onision is like hitting a new low in the very evolution of the human species itself, and all-in-all, meh, I’m not really a fan.

Well, that was fun. Now I’m gonna go write some preachy Facebook posts about how much better I am than people who make fun of popular YouTubers on their blog. I learn from the best, Greg.

 Thanks for reading, folks. Take care and always know where your towel is!