HAPPY 2015! I gotta tell ya, this has been a nice year and, for me personally, the one with the most drastic changes and steps ahead in life. Being as my year was so eventful and interesting, I had no choice but to make a clipshow of some of the best moments of 2014:

The titles are in Swedish so in case you want clarity on what events are shown in semi-chronological order.

– Christmas 2014

– Graduation cruise

– My old high school’s Panzi Hospital charity project

– Random video projects I did with the old classmates

– The weeks before graduation (including our mid-night prank on our beloved teacher)

– Graduation day

– Misc. shots from dad’s drone

– Copterfest 2014

– My first day of driving on my own

– Our trip to Greece

– Kraftwerk live at Dalhalla

– Some shitty snapchat videos of my new film school classmates

– Halloween at my high school

– Photo expo 2014

– bunch of other crap

We good? Now gimme five.