This is what happens when ultraviolet and infrared meet, dear readers. On one end of the spectrum, we have one of the most ingeniously funny pieces of satire in documented history and on the other end we have a high-pitched Swede who screams swear words at video games to make impressionable 12 year olds laugh their posteriors off. And now, on the next episode of South Park, these two opposing forces will come together as one.

I have faith in Trey Parker and Matt Stone, even after this recent bit of news, but you gotta wonder why such funny people would put such an unfunny person on their programme, if for no other reason than to gain hits via PewDiePie’s inexplicable popularity. They’re better than that so maybe they’re just having a bad day, but I can’t imagine why they would feel that desperate after such an otherwise strong season. I mean, if they’re going to mock him the way they’ve mocked others, I don’t see why they would let him lend his voice to the episode in question. They didn’t let “Arrec Barrwin” do it in Team America.

Either way, I’m not gonna say much more, because whereas the Pewds fans are as blindly fucking ecstatic as ever, I think this screenshot of the top comments on South Park‘s Facebook vid (linked above) says enough about how the South Park fans feel about the announcement:

I'm assuming the last one is a joke.

I’m assuming the last one is a joke.

Say what you will about the show at this point; my trust in its fanbase remains untarnished. Although, what if this was the whole point of getting a Pewds cameo? Parker and Stone must know that their fans have a high-standard taste in comedy (it’s South Park, don’t deny it) and so they also know that the most efficient way of trolling the fanbase is giving a celebrity cameo to the sentient embodiment of all things low-brow and effortless. If so, I congratulate Parker and Stone on another great and intricate joke! If not, well, I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

But let’s not be “like that”. Let’s remember it’s still a kickass show and let’s hope that this will still be another damn good episode. Whether the shrieking gamer in question gets made fun of a sufficient amount or his screentime is limited, I’m sure there’s some form of an upside to all this. Maybe Pewdie’s just gonna be the new official voice actor for Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo. They’re both shit so that I’d be cool with.

That’s all I got for now. Until next time, take care.