» M u r d e r i n g   m e n   i s   w o r s e ! «

Most feminists will agree that women, in general, are worse off in society than men, but there’s one thing that they’re missing that’s actually a whole lot worse when it comes to males. That thing? Murder!

Yes, murder is a much more heinous crime when it’s being done to a man than when it’s a woman. The reason for this? Very simple:

abortion is murderI don’t need to remind anyone that abortion is murder, being as life begins whenever I decide it does. But this is just taking someone’s chance at life away. What if you were to not give them a chance at all? What if you were to murder thousands of babies at once before they even get their chance? Well, that’s exactly what you’d be doing if you were to kill a man, no matter how horrible the man in question happens to be.

Unlike women, men always carry around thousands of sperms in their genitals, therefore, since abortion is murder, killing one man is genocide. Sperms are alive too and if you murder a random guy you’re technically as bad as Adolf Hitler himself. QED, bitch! My logic is impeccable.

The men themselves can be half as bad, though. Whenever they masturbate, they’re inarguably committing mass murder, given all the sperms they spill that will never grow into beautiful little babies. Not quite as morbid as killing all their sperms at once perhaps, but masturbation is still a crime that needs to be taken more seriously by you atheist know-nothings!

In fact, masturbation should be banned. And so should sex. I shouldn’t reproduce. I win.

This will be available as a T-shirt soon.

This will be available as a T-shirt soon.