Photo by: Oscar

Photo taken by: Oscar.

One of the things I looked forward to the most this summer, aside from graduating and going to Greece of course, was travelling to Dalhalla to see Kraftwerk live with my brother Oscar and my former classmate Simon Allinggård. We had been discussing it before graduating, Simon and I, and he finally arranged the tickets at the end of June when I finally got my driver’s license. Then, over a month later, it was time!

On August 2nd, a Saturday, we went to Dalhalla, a huge quarry in Rättvik where several bands have performed in the past. It took 3.5 hours to get there, we had to go through the smoke of the forest fire in Sala, and none of us got any sleep until 5 A.M. but I’d say it was well worth it. Simon didn’t seem to mind driving the whole time either.

What’s particularly refreshing is that this wasn’t like one of those typical metal concerts or house music gigs where a swarm of loud teenagers jump around like drunken idiots and scream at the performers. This was a concert for grown-ups; sophisticated, atmospheric, purely musical, and you could still feel the passion amongst the fans even though they were sitting down with 3D glasses and simply listening. The most hardcore fans came dressed in the trademark red shirts and blinking black ties of the Kraftwerk robots. Almost all of them were seated in the middle section on the front row. Not surprising.

While I’ve always enjoyed Kraftwerk’s music, their live versions and remasterings of certain songs work even better for a concert such as this one. I could still feel the beats pounding my chest when I got home and went to bed 5 hours later. As for the accompanying visuals on the screen behind them, I did enjoy the deliberately primitive look of all the CGI, but I’d say the actual 3D format could have been utilized a bit more. I can only think of a handful of videos where they had actually made it seem as though things were reaching out to you from the screen and it didn’t help that we saw things from the side, thus not getting the full experience with every video they played.

But seeing such a legendary and revolutionairy band in the flesh (the robots were for some reason absent, though) was still a great experience and the music and imagery ultimately made for a cozy couple of hours. It was a good night with good friends and good music! Danke schön!