What is a greater joy of writing than finding out people appreciate your words and have questions for you to write (often not very entertaining or good) Q&A posts about? Well, how about those that come to your blog to not only tell you how wrong you are about everything, but also to do so in a manner that’s, well, in many ways amusing? Watch these pieces of Hate Mail if you don’t already know what I’m talking about.

December 29, 2012 at 10:08
that bitch is so pressed.
Nicki is getting money and fame, critics praised the Re-Up.
And btw, there’s no way he got so many likes, maybe 1-2 or even 10 but 674,000+ no

This one was posted on a very short post I created in 2012, in which I included a screenshot of a comment posted on the Facebook Wall of Nicki Minaj by one Tristan Barker. I wanted to share this because I admired his evident skill to talk smack about loathesome celebrities in a way that makes me look tame by comparison, and so I did just that. Here it is.

As you can no doubt tell by its amount of Likes, this post was pretty well-received, hence why Nicki Minaj fan-tartars like BitchesStayPressed here (the username says it all, doesn’t it?) display such deluded denial of the sad truth. (Sad to them, I mean.)

So, “Bitches”, if you’re truly in doubt of Tristan Barker’s income of likes you can always visit his Facebook page, where very few of his posts have ever scored up to anything below a thousand likes. Unless the Facebook counter has broken on all of his posts, including the infamous one on Nicki Minaj’s Wall, then I’d say you’re pretty fucking off with your estimation of 1-2. I know you’re probably just confused and angry because one of your idols has been called out on what an untalented waste she is, but still – try better. Cheers.

Actually, one of the reasons I haven’t posted the comments that I received on the afore-mentioned Minaj post, even though they’re not many, is that, well, I often don’t even know what to make of them. Like:

Kevin Perianayagom

I m fou of Nicki

I just… I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

But I can at the very least deduce that you’re in all likelihood a fan of Nicki. Certain things about your comment point towards the possibility. Now check this out:

i love nicki minaj and it is jus childish for him to post up #nicki minaj love u to the fullest# best female rapper ever


This comment was posted twice. This one says “facebook.com” whilst the first one posted just said, well, “facebook”. It took me a little while to figure out what was going on until I noticed that the overly long username actually sounds remarkably similar to an agitated fangirl trying to defend something she likes from some big bad non-fan. So, yeah, apparently it was too difficult to tell the ‘Comment’ box apart from the box where you put in your username. I don’t know, this one just really fascinates me.


Hy nicki y d’nt u invite pit bull to (pound of alarm )remix

Uh, honey, Nicki Minaj isn’t here. She’s not reading your love letters via my site.

Nicki Minaj


Huh. Yes she is, apparently. Sorry folks, my mistake.

Jojo reddy Tingon

Datx 2ru..

Did you know that I actually tried to submit the comments on the Nicki Minaj post to Your Grammar Sucks? They were sadly, and somewhat strangely, not accepted.

Our next comment is from Chelsea, another person who didn’t enjoy it when I wrote about how celebrating Mitch Lucker’s death in the name of One Direction made the Directioners look worse than they already kinda did. Trying stupidly to defend, not the fans that were actually innocent in this, but the ones that DID talk shit, she writes this:

Chelsea Styparhorlikson

im going 2 speak 4 about half or maybe all of the directioners. The only reason we said that was cuz they insulted OUR boys, OUR babies. If they hadnt we wouldnt have said anything. If u insult one direction, its like ur insulting us directioners. Seeing our boys hurt or insulted hurts us. we stick up 2 them. any1 that insults them or say any shit about them makes us hate u. its just a habit. so if he didnt say anything we wouldnt have say anything towards his death. we have a saying ”You can make fun of us fans, but do no make fun of our boys.” so its pretty much their fault, not us directioners. and one direction’s songs have save millions of lives. so idk wat they r talking about, saying shit about one direction. so maybe they shouldve watched wat they have said or maybe not say anything at all.

Y’know Chelsea, I’m gonna take for granted that you’re not seriously as fucking stupid as this comment makes you out to be and instead try to reiterate what you just claimed and see if you can manage by yourself to see what’s wrong with it.

Here’s how this “logic” of yours works. Some people made fun of a band that isn’t technically very ground-breakingly creative or talented, therefor you’re qualified to freely wish death, preferably via cancer, upon a little girl whilst simultaneously mocking her dead father, all of this because you don’t want your “babies” to be made fun of. Would your “babies” want you to do that, Chelsea? Do your “babies” even give two shits about you? Christ, the word “dumb” doesn’t have enough synonyms for me to do this horse shit justice.

Again dipshit: “Waaaah, they don’t like something we like, waaah, that totally justifies us celebrating deaths and wanting kids to diiiie, boooo waaaaah.” Think about that one for a sec.

Go suck on your thumb somewhere else and don’t even attempt to convince anyone that this is anyone’s fault but your own.



Too long, didn’t read.


That’s all we have time for today. Tune in next time and I’ll teach you how to knit!