After the annual Walpurgis celebration in my grandparents’ nearby summer cottage, I went to sleep. Here is what I dreamed.

As the dream started off, I was located outside of the local university, where I was apparently supposed to take an exam that will hopefully help get me into the school where I want to continue my studies after high school.

The thing is, though, I had no idea that was the day of the exams, and so I showed up without the obligatory pencil, eraser and ruler. Desperate, I searched for these materials on a nearby table outside of a burger stand. Miraculously, I found a busted old pencil with an eraser at the end, as well as a broken ruler. I placed these in my camera bag, which conveniently decided to show up. Walking into the university building, though, I hadn’t the faintest clue where to go, and the staff was much too busy to show me to my designated classroom.

Eventually, however, I found myself in a room. Lots of my friends where there, including my high school mate Louise. We decided to go visit the local playground together after the first phase of the exam. Supposedly, this part of the dream is inspired by how Louise and I have been wreaking minor havoc at a nearby playground every time we’ve finished an X-Men marathon at my place. It’s a thing we do. Don’t judge. Either way, the tests started. Our professor looked an awful lot like Malcolm McDowell.

Better 'Community' than 'Caligula', I guess.

Better ‘Community’ than ‘Caligula’, I guess.

As we were about to leave and go to the playground, though, I lose track of her. I was approached by a guy I used to take German classes with, Lukas, who distracted me with bizarre statements and non-sequitors. Suddenly his best friends showed up and ripped off all of his clothes as he laughed loudly. I tried to make my way out of the school building but I kept finding weird rooms with walls made of glass. One of these contained a box, also made of glass, containing a mysterious blood-stained letter with weird ancient symbols on it.

I made it outside. On the street I met another friend of mine, a girl named Caroline. When she saw me, she smiled with her mouth but told a whole other story with her eyes. A boy I did not recognize embraced her from behind, planting kisses on her cheek. I was about to ask when she got a boyfriend but there was no time. A parade came storming towards us, holding up an enormous pink banner with no text on it.

As I tried to escape from these parading weirdos, I was yelled at by an overweight little boy who kept shouting “Hey! It’s me again! Hey!!”. I wasn’t sure what to make of this.

I went back inside the school building where I’d be safe from all the weirdness outside. However, the staircase was randomly getting flooded and Professor McDowell came running down the stairs repeating the word “Damn”. At this point, I received a text from Louise. It had inexplicably been translated to Danish so I decided to read it later. I met her as we were just about to enter the classroom, asking her where she’d gone earlier. “You should know that by now,” she said sternly before entering the classroom, seeming visibly upset.

I read the text again; the language was now one I could read more easily. She was apparently mad, not that I had lost track of her earlier, but that I wanted to go to a playground with her in the first place. She asked me if I really thought it was appropriate to go make a fool of herself on a playground when she had a little sister to babysit and watch R-rated action/horror movies with (for some reason). She has no sister in real life, but I digress.

In the classroom, I tried to make amends with her and she got over it surprisingly quickly, ultimately forgiving me. I attempted to justify my behavior by claiming that I was half-asleep the whole time. I basically told her that everything up until that point had felt exactly like a dream. Scarily enough, I didn’t quite know how right I was.


Things don’t seem to promising.

When the next part of the exam was about to take place, Professor McDowell was gone. Instead we got a professor that looked unmistakably like the NBC version of serial killer Hannibal Lecter. When he entered, my eyes suddenly flashed and my consciousness was somehow transported backwards in time. I saw the room with the glass box from earlier. Professor McDowell came into the room, looking rather drenched from the weird flooding that was taking place just a while back. He opened the glass box and took out the bloody letter.

As he read it, he eventually spotted the Hannibal-looking professor standing in the doorway, staring at him ominously. Just as my consciousness came back to present day and I was about to tell everyone that something horrific was about to happen to all of us, I was awoken by my mother. I can neither confirm nor deny that any of us made it without becoming Hannibal chow. (I think I just realized where Ron Perlman‘s character in Pacific Rim got his name from.)


This has been the second entry of the Dream Diary. More will come if I dream something that must also be written.