You know what I hate? …
Nothing. Everything is awesome.

My week-long winter break has been terrific, not to mention insane.

The senior year cruise, where I got to spend 24 hours at sea with fellow senior year  high school students from three different cities, was awesome. My 19th birthday, which I spent with my dear friends at our local club, was equally great. The days in-between, which I mostly spent with my brothers and grandparents whilst my dad and especially my mom were busy with the Vasa skiing race, were also rather cozy. It has quite simply been a wicked week, not only because this is my final year in what’s this country’s equivelant of high school.

I’ve made great new friends and equally great memories and I’m much less bummed than usual that I’m forced to return to my regular routine by tomorrow. This week was exactly what I needed!

I’m a bit worn out but I’ll try to find time to write more reviews and silly rants on pointless things shortly! Cheers!

Source. (Yes, I started using my Instagram. That's how much this night meant to me!)

Source. (Yes, I actually started using my Instagram account. That’s how much this night meant to me!)