Truly there has to be nothing on this planet as overblown as the Olympics. I would say that sports in general qualify but at least TV broadcasts of soccer games aren’t preceeded by fireworks and massive ceremonies. Although I’m sure people who watch soccer feel like their shitty, over-glorified ball game in all fairness warrants the same caliber of pointless celebration. It doesn’t. It’s a bunch of people kicking a ball to each other! We care about it just as much as we care about who wins an ice skating gold medal or whatever poitnless shit it is that the 2014 Olympics is about.

A recently published chart claimed that this year’s Olympic’s ceremony cost more than NASA’s Mars exploration and I have no trouble believing it to be true. Good call, humanity. Way to put your focus in the right place. Clearly a ceremony that blows sports even more out of proportion than they already were is much more deserving of effort and money than going to fucking space!

Speaking of priorities, I think fans of the Olympics this year can best be summarized with the following image that also comments on the homosexuality ban that has taken place in Russia, which also happens to be where this year’s games are being held:

TRANSLATION: Hey look! Ski jumping!

TRANSLATION: “Hey look! Ski jumping!”

[Original image can be found here]

Yeah, that seems about right. Holding the games in Russia was clearly a pretty good call since good old President Putin now has an almost childishly easy way of distracting people from his homophobic bullshit. Now, I know that there are people who take this seriously and try to take action against it. I know that there are several who actually realize the seriousness of this matter. And for that, I am glad.

I just wish the same amount of energy went into that as goes into the over-glorifying of cross-country skiathlons and frickin’ hockey!

That’s all for now! Always know where your towel is!