Facebook is 10 years old!
What better way to celebrate than to suck some more?

To celebrate their 10 Year Aniversary, the admins of everyone’s favourite social networking website Facebook have introduced a neat new feature: the “Look Back” movie, a nostalgic video compilation of images, status updates and basically just various memorable moments from your entire Facebook Timeline, even from the very day you first created it.

Sounds pretty cool, right? A Facebook Movie that makes you remember the good times you’ve had with the website? Yeah, I thought it seemed like a nifty idea too, so of course I wanted to try my hand at making one. Well, what I got was this:

Good game once again, Facebook.

Good game once again, Facebook.

Yeah, apparently that’s my “Facebook Movie” as Facebook so eloquently puts it. The instructions as to how to get your movie are fairly simple too. You just go to facebook.com/lookback and BOOM – there’s your video, just as fucking promised, complete with the big green Share button that quickly helps you post this vid to your Timeline for all to see!

Wow, what a great video mine is. Six whole still pictures… and no actual video… or “Share” button. I’m glad to see Facebook aptly celebrates their 10th year by creating a feature that doesn’t work.

If anyone has any idea as to why this piece of shit doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, drop me a line. I’m getting real sick of this website’s crap.