WARNING: This is going to be another Tumblr-related article so if you're just as tired of hearing me rant about that website as I am of the people who inhabit it, I suggest you go read another one of my articles. Or you just don't read my blog at all. That works too.


A lot of whining has caught my eye lately. Whining related to the often unfair treatment of fangirls. A recent Tumblr post, written in their “defense” (as it were) by a girl who has boldly declared that she’s had “enough” (uh-oh), went on to explain that fangirls getting constantly mocked and picked on for being over-emotional and obnoxiously irritating needs to stop. Especially, she says, seeing as those of us that have indeed at some point poked fun at fangirls are all inherently sexist in what we do. Yes, sexist. The reasoning behind this conclusion? The fact that we would never react in such a way if it was a guy doing this!

Of course, I don’t believe that the person who wrote this post has ever been to my blog, but if she had, she’d know that she’s got it all wrong. Oh, not about me making fun of idiotic fangirls, no-no. I have indeed, unquestionably done that. What she got wrong is the notion that I’d never dream of giving the same treatment to a fanboy. Don’t you worry, I’ve done that too. Evidently that’s not something the author of this post I’m mentioning chose to consider might apply to other frequent fangirl-bashers too.

“Why do you think it’s okay to mock Tumblr fangirls for being over-emotional”, she further yelps in her post, “when you would give a free pass to sports fans who do the same?” You wanna know what the most simplistic answer to your question is there, smarty? …

I DON’T! I joke about them JUST AS GODDAMN MUCH!

You see, I’m fair like that. I make fun of everyone who happens to fit the description of a moron. I don’t make exceptions based on gender, because really now, how equal and fair is that?

As I pointed out in my “We Can’t Stop” Commentary regarding a similar issue, I don’t do slut-shaming. How much sex a person, in this case a female, chooses to have is their own business, which means I’m completely uniterested in hearing about it every three seconds the slut in question is in the room. Oh but of course, even if that’s not technically slut-shaming on my part, it must still be a double standard, right? Because I would never complain about hearing someone flaunt their sexual history if that person was male now would I?


If you’re a guy who feels like he needs to go around and tell everyone of every object he’s put his dick inside, I will take the high road and find you just as obnoxious as any girl who’d do something similar in your situation. Once again: no free passes to anyone. Happy? Good. So am I.

I’m sure some idiots somewhere do indeed think that being a fangirl is much more mock-worthy than being a fanboy, but that’s not the only evidence the Tumblr girl put forth in order to convince everyone of what all the fangirl hate is REALLY all about. Did you guys per chance read the recent story about a TV producer, who primarily works on BBC’s Sherlock if I’ve understood correctly, getting her hands on a piece of homoerotic Sherlock fanfiction (Gee, what a rare find) which she then made the show’s cast read out loud mockingly at some crowded con panel? Yeah, apparently what that woman did encourages sexism. Because, oh teh noez, it turns out it was a girl who wrote the fic all along!!

 NOTE: I don’t remember this woman’s name so I’m just gonna refer to her as Dave The Lady.

Okay, as ridiculous as I find most instances of fanfiction (particularly those that involve romantic relationships that have so little to do with anything that happens to any of the characters in the source material that you gotta wonder if these “fans” actually care), I do acknowledge that they are written for the fans, i.e. other people who inexplicably love to ruin everything with their bizarre sexual fantasies. At least I’m pretty certain that the stuff Cucumberbatch and company were told to read and laugh at was never meant to reach them or (God forbid) be a serious proposal as to what should happen on the actual show.

Either way, I think doing what Dave The Lady did was pretty mean-spirited, but I’m not gonna go around acting as if it’s more sexism solely because a girl wrote that particular fanfic. Again, male fans do and say stupid shit too. What sort of equality would saying otherwise be, huh?

However, in order for the Tumblr girl to supposedly further prove the indisputable misogyny that this woman encourages (not to mention her own ability to find completely relevant social issues to tackle) the post also contained a screenshot of a Tweet that Dave The Lady posted recently where she mocked the multitude of Sherlock-lovers who had already started queuing days before the upcoming opening of a convention (or somesuch) by calling them “virgins”.

Again, pretty shitty thing of Dave to do, but what the Tumblr girl tried to illustrate was just how typical it was for girls (let’s just take for granted that the only fans in said queue were girls) to “once again” be stereotyped as virgins just because of their interests in geek culture. Yes, “once again” it’s the poor frickin’ girls who need to endure slurs that accuse them of not having been laid often enough solely based on their choice of hobbies. Because male nerds haven’t at any fucking point in documented geek history been notorious for being stereotypically portrayed as socially pathetic virgins, right you insipid cock?

Christ, this reminds me of the time I saw a different Tumblr post which complained about how guys only want bad girls – yet another complete reversal of what the stereotype states in the real world. I’ll bet you anything that the original post was about how girls want bad boys but someone switched the genders around to make more people feel more sorry for the person who wrote it. What’s next? An open letter to dudes who post pictures of themselves on Instagram wearing excessive duckface-makeup and push-up bras?

We get it. Being a girl sucks. In fact, it sucks so much that you falsely applying unfair nerd-stereotypes to yourselves is unnecessary. We will take your word for it if you say that you also go through it, but you’re not gonna fool anyone if you claim that stuff that has  most typically befallen nerd guys for fuck knows how long is actually something that’s been typically befalling YOU. It hasn’t. Fuck off. Irk.

That’s all I have the time and energy to say on the matter. I need to go wrap some gifts! Until next time, here’s a Christmas carol for you to rehearse in time for the holiday season. See ya later!