In my “STOP overracting to negative criticism” post, I feel as though I did a decent job at expressing my annoyance with people who, upon finding something vaguely critical towards something they have decided to worship and adore in every conceivable aspect, promptly enter crybaby mode and try to give the critic a piece of their mind. Their irrational, overracting little mind.

This excessive, needless defensiveness comes from something known as “Fanboyism”, i.e. “being a fanboy”. And don’t get me wrong, fandom in its purest form, where a person likes something without letting themselves get too offended or feel as though they’re guilty of something whenever someone criticizes whatever it is they like – that stuff is completely fine! As long as you’re aware that I too am free to speak my mind on things I find mediocre, whether or not you disagree with me on my sentiment.

What I am talking about, however, is fandom in its most wretched form: fanboyism. In fact, terms like fanboys and fangirls should be exclusive to the particularly obnoxious and irritable fans, whereas calm and collected ones should be referred to simply as “fans”. After all, since the terms “fanboy” and especially “fangirl” are both regularly used on Tumblr, I can now pretty much conclude that fanboys/-girls are the kind of fans who typically do one/several/all of the following:

  1. Remain completely oblivious to the concepts of criticism and only ever think to criticize a show’s writing, for instance, when either a) a character they don’t want to die dies, or b) two random characters whom they want to have sex together don’t. Yeah, fuck those writers for not making the choices your bizarre sex fantasies want them to do with characters they own and created. How fucking dare they? Don’t these people have any shame? God, it makes you want to stab something!
  2. Write fan fiction where all of that shit actually happens. Nothing says “I love this show” more than correcting it to match your idea of what it should actually be like, am I  right?
  3. Get angry when some mean doodoo-head like me comes along and criticizes something actually worth critcizing, like sappy storylines, bad acting or bad music. (Trust me, the fangirls of musicians will gladly provide you some of the worst and most obnoxious shit in the history of fandoms.)
  4. Stop watching Doctor Who because Peter Capaldi isn’t as young and sexy as David Tennant or Matt Smith. These are the same kind of people who only watch Supernatural to reblog cute images of the fucking Winchesters. I don’t watch Supernatural, but all these fucking Tumblr idiots have made me doubt that it actually has a plot. But I digress.
  5. The Transformers movies. Somehow just mentioning those feels like I’ve said more than enough.

Calm and mature fans, in my opinion, are individuals who can enjoy a smart, well-made show for what it is, excuse whatever flawed aspects they choose to acknowledge, respect the choices made by its creators unless they actually legitimately damage the show itself as opposed to only your goddamn feelings*, discuss the show in-depth with one another and not bother anyone. Unless it’s something friendly like sharing trivia that people don’t care about but you share anyway because you’re just so darn passionate about it.

Faboyism isn’t passionate. Fanboyism is psychotic. Or at the very least really damn annoying. Be a fan. Not a fanboy.

*feels, for those of you who speak non-fanboy English.