Remember when Mitch Lucker died and certain followers of the band One Direction thought that the smartest thing to do was to mock his death and wish a similar fate upon his daughter? Well, apparently they get even angrier when a hobbyist blogger explains why acting like that makes them look a reprehensible bunch of dipshits.

It doesn’t matter how many times I clarify that I’m aware that not all of One Direction’s followers were guilty of some of the things that were said. I still receive comments like the ones I’m about to do another Hate Mail entry on. So let’s get to it.


December 26, 2012 at 7:17 pm

F*ck you, you’re just jealous because 1Direction is much more popular than any metal band. I’m sorry mate there must be a reason why people prefers them. I don’t know why “directioners” couldn’t talk about “suicide silence” if they talked about them in the first place.

Shit, kid! I don’t even know where to start with you.

Here’s the abridged version of your inexplicable logic: you think that I am “jealous” at a band just because another band is not as famous as them and that this jealousy makes me think it’s wrong for people to mock a dead person. You Directioners have a tendency to pull the “jealous” card at desperate moments and when there truly is no argument left for you to use to defend the fact that a) your idols suck and b) you’re acting like complete dipshits, but this has to be the most pathetic instance of that happening. Unless you’re yet another convincing troll, congratulations on being everything that’s wrong with this world. You can collect your price money at the local garbage incinerator.

And no, “people” do not prefer One Direction. Tween girls prefer One Direction, and their stuff is more likely to hit the mainstream as well as garner more fame than anything less marketable, not only through their impressionable tween demographic, but  also through their vicious haters. Same story with good ol’ Bieber. They’re popular because 1) they’re fun to mock and 2) tweens are morons.

Again, not all of their fans are, but I think the evidence is clear as Crystal fucking Pepsi: many of them are, and I’d like to hank you, Diego, for helping me demonstrate this.


December 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm

You’re making it seem like 95% of the directioners had said something like that. I’m a directioner and I didn’t say one thing to that man. I was actually talking to the other directioners that were saying rude things and trying to tell them to stop. There were a lot of other directioners doing the same as me.

I respect your opinion as much as the next person. But, I know you’re just trying to give us all directioners a bad name just so you can get a juicy story for your blog.

Please, get to know those boys before you think that they are ‘faggots’. They are just like any other teenager. If you saw things through my eyes and mind, I bet you wouldn’t be saying things like this.

Oh yeah, of course! I’m the one giving the Directioners a bad name! It’s not like they’ve already established a pretty bad rep for themselves through a portion of them acting like idiots and poking fun at a person’s death. No no no, it was I who put the last nail in the coffin for their reputation.

No, but seriously – you might wanna read that again. I acknowledged the fact that some of you are indeed not part of this. The rest of you, though, were acting like idiots. Me pointing out that some of you did doesn’t make me the one to give you a bad name. The bad name is entirely the fault of the portion of you that made fun of the late Mitch Lucker, which, I must point out once more, I’m fully aware isn’t 100 or even 95% of you.

Also, I did a Ctrl+F search to see if I at any point referred to anyone as a “faggot”. Couldn’t find anything. Darndest thing.


March 2, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Your point loses its meaning simply because you are hating on 1D. You’re talking all your bullshit on how “Directioners” were rude and heartless, well eveb saying that you’re gonna get people to kill Harry Styles with a weedwacker is indeed heartless. You are a huge hypocrite! Those few “Directioners” were definitely on the wrong, NO ONE deserves to die a tragic death, mostly not a little girl who simply misses her dad. Those are NOT real fans, those are simply heartless ignorants just like you. On a side note, Punks, metal fans, etc… are always insulting, not just 1D, but any artist that sings Pop. And if any of them (Pop Artists) died, for example Justib Bieber, they would all go out and post on Twitterm Facebook, Tumblr, and any other social media they ou their hands on how that was such a great thing! So shut up and stick all your BS down your butthole.

Sincerely, not a directioner, not a belieber, simply someone who likes music.

You nailed it, Mary! Because me illustrating a scenario that would put One Direction and their fans in a situation similar to that which Suicide Silence and THEIR fans were in at the time I when wrote this article is exactly the same as outright wishing death upon the relatives of a person who already has died a tragic death.

While you’re at it, miss Rexx, you should probably call the cops before I set my completely serious, totally plausible and not the least bit exaggerated plans in motion. Because I can’t just paint a scenario to get my message across to the Directioners; I need to ACTUALLY kill people. In fact, I’ll probably just turn myself in right now as a precautionary meassure.

Sincerely, not a Directioner, not a Belieber, simply someone who hates it when people waste my time with moronic comments.

Anonymous Directioner:

July 2, 2013 at 4:02 am   edit

You know what?! Yea were rude ,sassy..you name it! Know why? We’re tired of being out down by other people and bullied. You call us heartless….tell that to the people who called niall worthless,who made harry cry , and called zayn a drug dealer. Don’t talk about us don’t mess with us! FY!

Awww, poor, poor Directioners. Yeah, I can totally see why it’s justified that you would tell the daughter of a recently deceased man to kill herself. Especially after the relentless amount of “getting talked about” that you poor, miserable saps are forced to endure.

Also, “sassy” is a compliment to me so thanks for being awesome!


June 14, 2013 at 1:51 am   edit

You know what, I’m sick of bitches saying that all directioners are that cold and heartless. I am not, i never said anything about this guy or his daughter. So dear bitch who wrote this, stop being a dumb motherfucker and generalizing the whole entire fandom because you wanna be butthurt and stupid. Sorry for your loss, but why the fuck are you directing this towards all of their fans when its only a big part on the fandom that act like this?

I’m still not saying that all Directioners are that stupid. But if you quite seriously haven’t managed to wrap your head around that fact by now, in spite of my multiple explanations, I would imagine that me attempting to explain it again would be most futile.

I think this one is my favourite, because they took the time to read the response I wrote back to them when the comment was first posted, and decided to counter me with the following:


June 15, 2013 at 6:48 am   edit

I honestly think you need to re read this dumb fucking article. It says at one point ‘Here’s a tip to you little directioners’. Not some some of us, but all of us. That’s called generalization bitch. Google it.

Oh shit Jai, you got me good. Of course that’s what that means. Just like how if I would have said “You guys”, I obviously would have been referring to every “guy” who’s ever lived. Because when you write an article that’s addressed towards certain members of a certain group you’re not actually writing an article addressed to certain members of a certain group.

“In doing so, they have also given other Directioners, who don’t act in such a loathesome way after a tragic death, a pretty bad name.” This part of the article was just a dream and doesn’t actually exist.

Good one, Jai. Keep ‘em comin’.  I could do this all day.


June 12, 2013 at 11:17 pm   edit

I can’t believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this pointless article. I’m not a ‘directioner’ but even I will say that they have more musical talent than that heavy metal trash you’re talking about. I’m sad Mr. Lucker died, don’t get me wrong, but you, the author of this pointless article, obviously don’t know what good music is.
Get a life.

Ciara, you can’t imagine how long I’ve waited for a chance to use this:

I won’t do another entry until I find comments worth rebutting.
Which, alas, might not be too long.