(I was going to write something sentimental about 9/11, but then I decided “nah, I’m gonna answer some hate mail instead”.)

PewDiePie can take criticism, at least I’m pretty sure that he kinda-sorta can. People who can not take criticism, however, are his fanboys, as proven by the following comments that are still being posted on this not so positive PewDiePie post I wrote over an entire year ago, something which the Bro Army just can’t seem to get over and move on.

So, just for the Hell of it, let’s see what horrendously evil acts they have called me out on this time.

Stanley Yelnatz

August 8, 2013 at 4:27 am:

Dear lord. The guy that wrote this article is more annoying that the fucking guy he’s bitching about.

Yeah, in retrospect I realize that all the loud screeching and irritating noises I wrote into the text of my article might get certain people on the nerves. You totally got me, Stanley.



September 5, 2013 at 2:01 am:

Listen this is retarded if your gonna waste time on the fucking internet hating then you have a problem with your brain. I honestly think wasting your timeee, on people you DON’T LIKE. is RIDICULOUS. Honestly if you do not like someone no reason to waste time and waste life on this and when people can prove way better points in the comments. bro or not a bro everyone has a life to that fucking dumbass other bro who said so. Im sorry but not all bros are like that and I am not, I will be calm but I honestly hate people like you.

Honestly, I think it’s best to keep this to yourself. I swear this is the cause of wars across the internet. Yeah I understand what you’re saying and I do agree but lots of fanboys of PewDie will start going a bit crazy over all this. So I think it’s best if you DON’T EXPRESS THIS ANY LONGER! It’s for your own good.

So true.

Well honestly, i think you’re way too harsh, if you worship free speech, you should try to speak in a more “friendly-like” environment so everyone could have a normal conversation, not a flaming war such as this one, also, what makes you think that if Pewds fans didn’t change since the start, that they will change now that Pewds have 8 million bros?
I’ll agree that Pewds quality drastically fell down, as well as the time he gives for games is so limited, but oh well, Toby is the worst youtuber i ever saw though, don’t compare Toby with Pewds, SERIOUSLY DON’T! Its lame as fuck *sigh*
As far as im concerned the best Youtuber who deserves 5x the subscribers he has and the views he has, is ChaoticMonki widely known as Cry, love you cry!

I honestly agree with you. every word in that paragraph. You go girl or boy ;D

Why don’t u leave PewDiePie alone. If you dont have something nice to say then don’t say it at all. Like did you really have to put on the internet. You may not like Pewdie, but there’s other people out there who do like Pewdie and your gonna be getting a lot of hatred for saying all this negative stuff. You know if you don’t like PewDiePie or anyone else you don’t have to tell the whole world what things you dislike. I’m just saying your gonna get some hatred cuz there over 1,500,000 people who love Pewdie. And there may be even more people who love him and his work.

Did someone like work 50k years to make you this smart?

Actually the die-hard pewdiepie fans ignore the hate. I do like pewdiepie but i don’t scream shit at other people. I’ve been a fan since oct 2011 and i ignore all the hate. The “NEW” bros (8 year old kids) scream at the trolls or at people who don’t like him.


if you CAN’T do it better don’t criticize pewds if he does a better job on y-tube than you

I kinda agree there buddy.

You know whats funny? You know all these phrases and stuff he does and says. Like seriously, Do you watch all of his stuff just to hate him? That’s pathetic! I think he is hilarious and he cheers me up on crappy days. I mean, I have a few youtubers I don’t like, But I don’t go around on the internet and posts blogs about how much I hate them. Is your life so dedicated to hating Pewdie that you make blogs about how much you hate him?! And he doesn’t need to say whats good/bad about a game. He doesn’t make reviews dipshit. Have you even watched other lps? I watch two other youtubers (ChaoticMonki and Quxxn.) and they don’t say whats good or bad about the game unless they are reviewing it. Pewdie doesn’t make a tutorial, So he doesn’t need to show how the game is played. TBH I don’t like all of the game being showed because then it just ruins it for me. Whats the fun of playing a game, when you already know everything that happens! And most the time when he cuts it out its cause its a boring part or he has to replay it. Whats wrong with him getting scared? I freak the fuck out when I play Slender. I’m scared to play a lot of games that he tried. If you hate him so much STOP watching him (It actually just supports him) and STOP hating on him! I’m not saying you have to like him just stop saying that you hate him. Just simply say something like “I don’t enjoy pewdiepie that much I rather do something else with my free time” Is that so hard? I mean he has 3,500,000+ And he is one of the fastest subscriber base on Youtube! I mean you just get a lot of hate now. Is it really worth it?

Someone else with common SENSE.

Just give up you retard these are all people with common sense and MUCH MORE other people I have not seen.

Dear MrsRedSama.

I can’t help but notice that in order to supposedly defeat me once and for all, not only did you recycle arguments that I can easily refute all over again if you’re really so determined to have someone expose your desperate unoriginality, but you also went out of your way to copy-and-paste other comments into yours – and it’s not just ANY comments, mind you, but it’s comments that you could easily see by yourself if only you had read carefully that I have already replied to and rebutted.

A sincere question, if you don’t mind: if I copy-and-paste a bunch of paragraphs from MY text enough times into my reply to YOU, is that enough for me to change YOUR mind? Are you just so used to letting yourself be persuaded by old and repetetive counter-arguments which keep showing up in spite of how many times a person has explained to you why they’re bullshit that you thought the same mind trick would work on me? Is that the overall logic of all you fanboys and fangirls? “I know he’s already told me why this is clearly bullshit, but if I try it just ONE more time then maybe, just MAYBE…”

Also, it would’ve helped if you had replied to my counter-arguments and tried to think of your OWN half-assed refutation rather than just taking the comments I’ve already responded to and going on about how allegedly “smart” they all were. This is something you state rather than prove. I  wouldn’t go around making claims like that if I didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.



July 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Don’t you have anything better to do than to bash him? You’re right, you’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion of him, and declaring your hatred is unnecessary and is a waste of time. Do you REALLY have nothing better to do? Keep your fucking opinions to yourself and quit bashing Pewds. I mean seriously, obviously PewDiePie isn’t as bad as you seem to think he is since he has about 500 more subscribers to go to get 11,000,000. He got 10,000,000 ten days ago. See how fast he’s growing?

He’s popular because he is funny, he’s caring, and he is far from selfish. He won $7,000 a while back (can’t remember what it was for) and donated every penny of it to a charity to save the tigers. He started his own charity to help families get clean water. He said he would donate a dollar for every five hundred views, and said that would add up to about $10,000. (If I’m remembering right.)

Why are you spreading your hate? He is obviously a wonderful, amazing, beautiful person with a great personality. And yes, you are obviously jealous. Just fucking admit it. He’s better than you, he’s funnier than you, and he has more people on his side than you can ever imagine. Does that really sound like a guy with no talent? Fuck no. So you’re obviously VERY WRONG about him.

Oh and all his shrieking does get more people to buy the games he plays. You know why? Because a lot of people like getting scared. Including me. I have gotten almost half the horror games he’s played simply because I enjoy good, scary games that can make me scream. So just STFU. Kay? Kay.

Okay, let’s see.

Thinks that I have a life-long vendetta against a YouTuber and do nothing else with my time in spite of my multiple refutals of this claim.

Thinks that I should keep my thoughts to myself even though they possess no sufficient qualifications to tell me what I can and cannot write about on my own blog.

Thinks that my observation that PewDiePie cares more for money than quality was meant to imply that he is a selfish asshole when in reality it means he’s just lazy and untalented.

Thinks that his magnitude of followers and supporters directly proves that I’m wrong in not liking him, even though they probably wouldn’t use that unoriginal cop-out when arguing with a jew about Adolf Hitler.

Thinks that the fact that PewDiePie is a sweetheart is relevant to my criticisms of his content and humour.

The “jealous” argument (yes, seriously).

Thinks that shrieking over a video game is the epitome of insightful and interesting commentaries, not to mention witty comedy.

Sings comment off with an indication that they’re thoroughly convinced that they’ve won the day.

Something we haven’t seen yet. 

Moron. ☑ 


Anonymous Euro

August 8, 2013 at 3:51 pm:

Jelousy is a terrible thing….and camoflaguing it doesn’t change it….you may delete,block or report this…but don’t criticize if you don’t like unpositive replies towards yourself or criticism to you….and you and your petty friendif you two are better ..then where are your youtubes with a lot of videos,views,subs and likes….stop living behind a screen as a keyboard warrior and make use of yourself….

The only thing I love more than hate mail is hate mail that tries to pass itself off as witty and smart.

Your narrative: I’m jealous.
The reality: No, not of PewDiePie because no one in their right mind would desire a sense of humour so idiotic or creativity so non-existent. I am, however, jealous of people of genuinely impressive talent, i.e. pretty much anyone but Pewdie. And in case you’re actually enough of a stereotypical fanboy moron to think that his superior “fame” would be the sole reason for my dislike and alleged jealousy towards him, then how come I don’t hate everyone more famous than me? What could that mean? Could it mean that I just don’t like PewDiePie simply because, oh I dunno, he’s not fucking funny?

Your narrative: I’m trying to hide my jealousy.
The reality: If you mean my jealousy of Pewdie, once again: there is none. If you mean my jealousy towards people I actually admire, I’m going to assume that you didn’t actually bother to read my whole post.

Your narrative: I don’t like getting responses to my criticisms.
The reality: I don’t like it when they’re redundant or fallacious. Like yours. QED.

Your narrative: The fact that lots of people watch and subscribe to Pewdie makes you right.
The reality: Argumentum ad populum.

Your narrative: You think I live behind this monitor, running this blog as my sole way of spending time.
The reality: Writing coherent sentences doesn’t take as long as you think. Or, well, at least not as long as it appears to take for you.

There. Now give me a hard one.



September 8, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Hey, flashnews : PewDiePie is not a Lets Player. Everyone on youtube doesn’t have TO BE a “Let”s Player”.
He mainly plays horror game, but his role is not to comment and describe them, he actually plays them, so stop EXPECTING him to do what you’d like him to do. If you want to watch Let’s Plays and actual reviews of games go ahead, there are plenty other channels on Youtube for that.
I’m ok with the fact that the humor is childish, most of the time, and some jokes (at least in his old videos) can be a little too much, but it’s his style, it’s not very profound, but well, we watch these videos to laugh and be entertained, which he does really well.
So instead of bringing Felix down and basically saying that whoever likes his work is an immature kid with no form of taste or intelligence, just plainly, simply say “I don’t like PewDiePie that much”.
No one needs a freaking article about that.

“PewDiePie is not a Lets Player… but his role is not to comment and describe them, he actually plays them”

Yeah, way to call me out on my error, ThisIsIt. How foolish of me to believe that the term ‘Let’s Play’ had anything to do with ‘actually playing’ something.

But I see what you mean: PewDiePie isn’t primarily making his lousy videos to be informative, but to make people laugh at his exaggerated reactions. I get it. The problem is that his reactions aren’t funny, especially not after getting repeated to the point of where most comedians would give up, and that he has no witty commentary to compensate for his trite shtick.

And here’s a “flashnews” for you: I DO watch those actually clever and interesting game commentors you allude to. You seem to believe that I don’t do that because I’m too busy watching and hating on PewDiePie. I don’t. That would be too painful.

Also, I see that you don’t seem to think anyone “needs” to read an article about PewDiePie. It’s funny how the same people who keep asking that I “just don’t watch” videos I that don’t like never think to “just not read” an article that criticizes something they adore. But here’s the thing: I wrote it and put it up on the Internet and there’s no rule that prevents people from saying what they want about my writing. Just as people are gonna have things to say about extremely popular YouTubers.

You see what I’m trying to say here, guys? NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO CRITICISM!!


Just saying

September 9, 2013 at 8:57 am

Well I don’t really hate pewdiepie, nor do I like him, I just enjoy some of his gameplays from time to time. But when you mentioned that majority of us don’t have a life, and that our brains are some how f*cked up, now that totally impacted me. I mean, come on, I know I’m not that specially smart or smth but people like me, AVERAGE people like me do have a brain, you know. A brain that functions.

But like I mentioned earlier, this is just my personal opinion, and I’m not a fan/anti-fan of pewdiepie.

NOTE: From this point on, I will be deleting comments that allude to the part where I claimed that Bros have “no life” without any indication as to exactly what part of my article they’re actually referring to. I have re-read the article multiple times without any luck and when I did a Ctrl+F search of the words “life” and “lives”, the first results were a bunch of Bros telling ME that I am the one that has no life.

Here’s an idea: If you’re gonna call me out on something I said, how about you make sure I actually said it?


That’s it for now. I need to go punch a squirrel.