Justin Bitcher

The bit of news that inspired the following top secret document.

SCP-00X – Beliebers

Item #: SCP-00X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-00X are to be kept away from actual intelligent human beings at any cost. In spite of breaching multiple containment chambers by melting the walls with acid tears (induced by cerebral recitals of Boyfriend lyrics), Dr. Clef has strictly ordered that they be hunted down and re-captured after any instance of escape. Multiple escapes into society have caused them to be re-classified as Keter.

Description: SCP-00X are more commonly known as Beliebers. They are teenaged humanoids most easily recognized by their blind worship of a man (?) named Justin Bieber, and that any attempt to implant knowledge into their brains of what a repulsive little scumfuck Justin is will induce nothing but irrational rage and non-sensical accusations of jealousy towards their idol’s supposed attractiveness and musical talent. Further experimentations beyond that point are strongly adviced against.

It has been noted that the only human being to successfully affect the behaviour of SCP-00X is Justin Bieber himself, which he often does indirectly by smoking marijuana or losing having his family members severely mildly injured. We have discovered that these actions can be used to our advantage thanks to the agents we planted at 4chan, who convinced SCP-00X (via SCP-2013) to slit open their forearms in order to get Justin to quit smoking cannabis. The 4chan agents concluded that this was achieved only because SCP-00X’s brains appear to function on a lower level of intelligence than most of Earth’s currently known species.

Further research indicates that this leads them to believe that their idol definitely loves them back and that he might even date them one day. Justin, who seems to have gotten tired of his own transparent “good boy” facade and thus set off on a mission to convince everyone that he’s a rebellious tough guy now (NOTE: these attempts are rendered impossible by a reputation that’s been established for over 3 years), proved SCP-00X wrong in these beliefs recently (See Incident-WTF for more information) by attempting to drown them in his own saliva.

In spite of being spat upon by the person who they thought loved them so, there have been very few signs of change in most examples of SCP-00X. When interviewed by Dr. ████, most of them even tried to think up a half-assed justification for Bieber’s dumbass behaviour, not only the spitting, but also clearly not understanding who Anne Frank was. Every instance of this resulted in immediate termination of the interviewed subject.

Addendum 666-JB: More examples of SCP-00X have been found in malls holding glittery phoning devices and camping in tents on sidewalks outside concerts. Dr. Brown has suggested sending out a public warning. This suggestion has been [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 682-JB: SCP-682 was put in the same chamber as an SCP-00X specimen with an iPod. The camber contained multiple Bieber posters which caused loud squeeing from the 00X specimen. SCP-682 demanded immediate release and eventually started crying. We believe we have finally found his weakness.