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Disclaimer: This could very well be a hoax, which would not astound nor anger me.

Let’s say you follow Hollywood avidly. You’ve seen endless amounts of inept, unintelligent and just plain desperate movies being made solely for the sake of making money, with no effort put into its story or its originality. In particular, the amount of remakes, sequels, prequels and reboots has gotten higher and higher as of late, almost to the point where you wonder if original movies will die out entirely one day. You are aware of all this and yet you hold on to a tiny glimmer of hope as you remind yourself that, hey, at least the people in Hollywood won’t get so bored, so lazy, so outright desperate for ideas that they base a movie around an Internet meme that stopped being funny after being relentlessly milked for 2 weeks.

Well, guess what? Those days of “glory” are over. Just when you thought film ideas could not possibly surprise you in their abysmal laziness ever again, take a look at what news emerge on the Internet:

grumpy shit

I didn’t find out about this until I recently read about it on Tumblr, but apparently this has been official for a while now.

Yeah, it seems that the Grumpy Cat, an Internet famous cat who’s apparently hilarious because of its permanent frown, has finally become popular enough to warrant a feature film that will basically be another live-action Garfield (which was such a great fucking idea in the first place, right?), complete with an unneseccary voice-actor that will probably eradicate the possibilities that the film would be at least slightly semi-entertaining. Oh, and it’s going to be a family film as well, as chance would have it. Great! I guess that means there will be no morbid jokes for the grumpy feline protagonist to take sadistic pleasure in. Good call!

But seriously, I just have to ask: is this it? I mean, is this really what we’re doing now? Is this seriously the shit we base movies around these days? Old, trite Internet memes that rise to super fame for merely looking kinda funny? Are we finally so empty on ideas that we have to look up what’s inexplicably worshipped allover the Internet in order to find anything to put on the big screen? I guess that’s what it’s come to, folks. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Or at the very least, be grumpy.

Hell, the film might turn out to be a masterpiece for all I care. It could be one of the funniest films of the decade, in spite of the fact that I feel that every conceivable joke based around Grumpy Cat has been played out by now. I don’t know. All I know for goddamn sure is that the Hollywood idea pool must be running pretty damn dry and that all hope is lost.

If this is real of course. I mean, it could be a joke. In fact, it should be.

(This video is almost 2 months old, meaning the news of Grumpy Cat’s film deal is older than I thought.
What happened, Hollywood? What the Hell happened?