Remember those FAQ-ish posts I used to do? The ones that sometimes included a modicum of info about me and the site, but were mostly just me messing around? Yeah. I’m finally doing another one. Ain’t y’all excited?

“What films are you looking forward to seeing this summer?”

Oh, too many to name!

Man of Steel (which, annoyingly is not out here, yet), The Wolverine, Elysium, Riddick, Catching Fire and many more which you will most certainly see me review!

“How do you feel about all those hate comments you’ve been getting on your posts about PewDiePie and Mitch Lucker’s death?”

Are you kidding? That’s the fun part!

Seriously, when I get to piss off some overreacting fanboys and fangirls who take absolutely everything too seriously for their own good, that’s when writing for this blog becomes more enjoyable than it already is. Whenever my cell phone notifies me that a comment has been posted on my blog, I always hope that it’s from another amusing fanboy who managed to find one of my more controversial articles. I’m seldom disappointed.

“Do you make any money off of what you do on here?”

Nope. This here blog is being run entirely for the fun of it, so you must understand if I at any point start updating slowly and not release posts at a decent pace.

Will I change the way I do things in the future? Heh. We’ll see about that.

“Why do you often write your posts with different colored text and vary the look of each article so much?”

There are two things I remember being the very first things I learned about when I was exposed to the Internet for the first time. One is Homestar Runner, and the other is that type of web page my father used to go to when sitting in his office all day.  You know, those really old blog-like sites that usually used yellow text against a black background and the occasional picture, one example being The Best Page In The Universe. So, you could say that my style is an homage to the good old times.

I dunno, I just find it pleasant to look at.

“Celebrity crushes?”

Kate Winslet, Hayley Williams and Ellie Kemper are the ones that show me the least amount of mercy. I mean good lord!!