Yes, I hate censorship!

Sounds pretty basic, right? I mean who doesn’t cringe at the thought of hearing that there may or may not be a new SOPA-esque bill coming soon that eradicates everything that everyone likes about the Internet? Who doesn’t get mad upon hearing some preachy idiot denying you your freedom of speech? Indeed, I think we all get pretty mad at censorship sometimes, but there’s something in particular that baffles me entirely about the whole thing.

Depending on how young the demographic for a piece of work is, the heavier its censorship tends to be. When little children grow up, there are numerous lies we tell them in order not to fracture their innocent little souls, which I assume is a priorety more important than actually teaching them how the world works.

I mean, fine, if you want to remove content like nudity and profanity I can understand it, since I too enjoy me an innocently wholesome film from time to time. However, when the rules of the censors become extreme, I just get outright annoyed. There are many TV shows aimed at children in which every reference to death has been edited out, because, if I understand the logic correctly, children shouldn’t know anything about death until they’re old enough to think that maybe, just maybe grandpa didn’t just get magically transported to the realm of some bearded, genocidal maniac in the sky.

Why not teach them that every human has an expiration date? Are you really afraid they’ll instantly lose their shit even if you inform them that theirs is many years into the future. I learned about death after I lost my grandfather, which was when I was only 2. Why there are other children who had to go their first few years blisfully unaware of that life has an inevitable end is beyond me.

WARNING: I am about to mention something that will REALLY harm your kids! Proceed with caution.

And speaking of things that kids should probably learn about while they’re still learning and haven’t yet been transformed into annoying, defiant little shitheads, let’s talk about homosexuality. We’re trying to create a world where homosexuality is considered just as normal as heterosexuality, right? Precisely, so why, I wonder, do we not only often wait with informing our kids that being gay is a possibility, but also censor homosexuality from children’s programming?

Seriously, whenever there is a kid’s show that makes at least a subtle hint at homosexual characters, guess which show gets immediately placed in the “Getting Crap Past The Radar” category on TvTropes? For those of you who don’t know, that category is intended for TV shows that often sneakily insert a lot of naughty humour, dirty references and offensive things with just enough subtlety that the censors won’t notice.

What I’m wondering is how two men or two women simply being together counts as something that’s perverted, offensive and naughty? If we are forced to put all the homosexuals in all the children’s cartoons into nothing more than the occasional subtle in-joke that kids would never understand, how are we supposed to raise kids into thinking that homosexuals are part of the norm? Sorry guys, but there is really something wrong with how you’re doing this!

Gayness isn’t “dirty” or “naughty” or “so offensive that it has to be censored from kid’s shows”. Why can’t we just be honest with the people who will take over after we’re all dead? Why can’t we tell them how the world works and prepare them more properly? Why can’t TV shows aimed at them stop being idiotic and be honest about concepts such as death, love and life itself? Oh, I’ll tell you why:


P.S. How much you wanna bet I’ll be forced to delete this article some day?