Well of course.

Like most feminist Tumblr posts, this one says more about them than it does about men.

I like feminism. I really do. I like what they stand for, I like what they’re trying to do to our patriarchal turd of a society (if that’s what it is) and I like what they teach. What I don’t like is how they’re represented on websites such as Tumblr, not by sexists, but members of their own kin.

These so-called feminists comprise a large portion of the regular users of the aforementioned social network that so many claim to be superior to Facebook even though it periodically proves to be  infested with a more-or-less equal quantity of idiots. What these guys wanna make absolutely clear to everyone is that the right way to deal with the sexism of our society and defeat it once and for all is to do one or both the following: a) stop laughing at so-called “rape jokes” and b) inflict fatal violence upon those who do anything worse than that. This is exactly why we’re so fortunate that the people of Tumblr never go outside.

Now, the reason these folks insist that rape jokes shouldn’t be allowed is not only that some of them (not all of them, of course, but whatever, right?) exist solely to poke fun at and further ridicule the people who experienced the trauma, but it has also been written somewhat recently that if you laugh at a joke that contains any form of reference to rape, you will encourage potential rapists within your vicinity at the time of the joke being uttered to continue believing that having sex with women without their consent is a perfectly normal thing to do. Basically: if you’re an asshole and nobody laughs at the joke you just made, you will no longer be an asshole.

Sure thing, feminists. I can see how your mere refusal to laugh at a raunchy punchline is what’s required to make a horrible monster who thinks it’s okay to do horrible things stop being a horrible monster who thinks it’s okay to do horrible things. You know, just like the time when Hannibal Lecter gave up his hobby of murdering people and serving their organs to his dinner party guests just because nobody laughed at his in-jokes about cannibalism.



“Every time a man tells a rape joke, he is participating in and adding to a global ideology which states that sexual violence (and sexualizing violence) is normal, biological, acceptable, funny, or not that big of a deal” , states an excerpt from the article.

Ah, you mean kinda like that totally-not-disproven notion that the violence in video games has always had a direct influence on violence in real life? Or is it more like the way the people of Tumblr – the people who criticize this shit in the first place, mind you – think it’s perfectly alright to joke about murder and cannibalism because those two apparently don’t qualify as horrible hate crimes that could be indirectly normalized by all the other jokes these morons make?

Look, I’m glad you guys found a long text that you can reblog to maintain your inflated sense of intellectual and moral supremacy and all that jazz, but the concept is flawed. You think this would automatically help the world get any less sickening? Most monsters are monsters for good, regardless of whether or not you find them funny. Sure, I’d love it if we could somehow punish the aforementioned people who actually do make these jokes specifically to make the victims feel worse (which I believe is what you actually mean), certainly, but I do not agree we should drop jokes that reference rape or rape culture in some way altogether and here’s why:

People who base their jokes on traumatizing events are sometimes the people who have experienced them, and not the people who think it’s okay to cause them and/or mock the ones involved!!

This is precisely what so amazingly many of you fail to take into account: the fact that comedy can be used as a defense mechanism. The fact that we sometimes need to laugh in order to stop crying. The fact that comedy – it is from personal experience that I’m saying this, by the way – is a useful way to deal with trauma, depression, insecurities or anxiety in a world that’s quite genuinely too shitty to even bother taking seriously. If we somehow find a way to ban all jokes that have anything to do with rape, we would be taking away something that helps some people get over their trauma. Black comedy should be about exaggerating tragedies and criticizing the world for letting them take place; not mocking the victims.

Unlike *some* repugnant asshats.

Unlike *some* pieces of shit, I mean.

Is it worth it or do you suppose we should maybe take action of a more direct and serious approach instead of just banning jokes and flaunting our fictional intelligence for thinking up the idea?

Well, yes, we probably should but I respond unenthusiastically to the idea of allowing the bloggers of Tumblr out into the real world and be the ones to set these actions in motion. Remember how I talked in my “6 Things I’ve Learned From Tumblr” post about the time when a whole bunch of feminist bloggers reposted the story of a woman who severed a rapist’s head, drowning her in miscellaneous words of blind praise for her supposed “heroism”? Well, there was another very similar story going around not too long ago. A pretty hilarious one about an 81-year old woman who shot two rapists in the testicles after what they did to her granddaughter. Tumblr’s reaction? Oh nothing, just hundreds of thousands of reblogs, words of massive admiration, and implications of a desire to elect the vigilante granny for mayor.

So is that it, Tumblr? Is this your vision of a redeemed world that’s free from sexism and oppression? A world where we take away comedy from people who might feel that it’s the only thing keeping them alive after a horrible experience and fight all the actual violence with even more actual violence? Honestly, if you’ve ever experienced feminists that are like this, I hope for the sake of your own sanity that you can finally admit that some people shouldn’t be allowed to include themselves amongst the actual fighters for equality.

Y’know, as opposed to…

Ah yes, the logic that states that joking about violent murders is much more acceptable than joking about rape. Because hey, what idiot would ever think that joking about a crime has any form of bearing on how commonly it’s commi- oh, wait.

Welcome to Tumblr, ladies and (obviously evil) gentlemen, a social network where you can pretend to be all edgy and joke about murdering people and devouring their flesh as you chant Satanic hymns in the light of the full moon, and yet rape jokes is taking it “a little bit too far”. You don’t have to be crazy to live here, but it helps.

Okay, just to clarify: if you truly aim to create a world where all the serious unfairnesses between the genders have been totally destroyed, then great – I support your every move. If, however, you happen to identify as yet another mentally deficient lifeform who believes that every violent thing a female does is justifiable because “we started it” (I’ve met fucking kindergarteners who reason better) or that every white human male that’s ever lived is automatically to be held responsible for all the existent misogyny on Earth, then allow me to tactfully withdraw any positive statement I might have accidentally made regarding your opinions and intelligence in this post and apologize for the misunderstanding. Yes, I get it. As a man, I have to partake in the fight and help make sure that women’s rights prevail, but I’m not gonna pretend that everything bad that happens to you guys is my fault.

The problem isn’t that all feminists are like this, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem is their complete irresponsibility when it comes to keeping these deluded dipshits in check, e.g. on social networking websites like Tumblr. In the mythological event that they actually do mention this idiotic behaviour, however, it’s usually to try and give it an equally idiotic justification. Yay.

I keep hearing that the longer you use Tumblr, the more you will love it. And yet, the more familiar I become with its users, the more I realize that they inhabit a world I am so incredibly not interested in.

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

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