This one's worth checking out.

This one’s worth checking out.

The fall of a man.

The fall of a man.

Good, but could be better.

Good, but could be better.

So the big event has arrived at last. The seemingly most epic and intense entry in the Iron Man series so far has, after some major build-up, started playing in European theatres. Comic book fans are flocking to go see it and are excited to see how Iron Man’s story ends. I myself have seen it as well and here is what I thought: … meh.

Yeah, Iron Man 3 is probably one of the more disappointing movies of 2013, in that the film, while not necessarily bad, doesn’t quite live up to its massive hype. I enjoyed it, sure, but somewhat foolishly, I expected to get to do more than just “enjoy”. Like, say, “enjoy a lot“.

In Iron Man 3 we join Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) a few months after the dramatic events of The Avengers, which have left him stressed and unable to sleep properly. Who knows? He might just decide that being Iron Man has worn him out entirely and that the time has come to put it to rest? Either way, he has to put his armor back on yet again when his old friend Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) gets severely injured in one of the many bombings ordered by a terrorist leader who calls himself The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). First, however, he stupidly threatens The Mandarin on national television, causing The Mandarin’s underlings to promptly attack his mansion with all they got. Ouch, bad move there, Stark.

So Tony gets seperated from his girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and all but one of his Iron Man suits. He teams up with a midly annoying kid played by Ty Simpkins, who helps him get back on track and defeat his terrorist foe, whilst Pepper is being helped by one of Tony’s ex-girlfriends (Rebecca Hall) in finding out who the true mastermind behind these mysterious bombings might be and what sort of technology might be used to cause these very peculiar explosions. This is all interesting, but not extremely.

Iron Man more than 3

The supporting cast gives us Don Cheadle as The Iron Patriot (which is significantly less cool than his former War Machine mantle), Guy Pearce as a shady business man, Paul Bettany as Tony’s trusty computer Jarvis and the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. Oh, what shall become of Marvel Comics movies when this man dies?

There were things in the film I thought were cool and clever, but there were also moments where I felt quite dissatisfied. Iron Man 3‘s biggest disappointment by far (WARNING: MILD SPOILERS) comes in the form of Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. Here is a villain that has been foreshadowed by two movies and anticipated by fans of the comics for many years. The route they went with him, while admittedly very funny, must surely be one of the most disrespectful treatments a famous Marvel villain has received. Again, I found it kind of amusing, but it’s defnitely more of a letdown than a “plot twist”. Will fans of the comics agree? I don’t know yet. We’ll see how Americans like it once it gets there.

But hey, Iron Man 3 can still be enjoyed for what it is. As always, Robert Downey Jr. makes it all the more fun with his fast mouth and first-rate delivery. It’s especially interesting in this film to see him inch closer to the breaking point and actually come off as a bit weak in one or two scenes. The rest of the cast are mostly fun too, as are the action scenes, visuals and music. The 3D, however, was totally worthless, but that’s probably not surprising to anyone. Dim and uninteresting. Nothing new.

In general, people seem to have enjoyed Iron Man 3 just fine, at least thus far. Some of the viewers have even stretched so far as to call it great and one of the most likable films of this or any other year. I certainly cannot go that far, but I am generally glad I saw it and got to look at yet another entry set in the Avengers universe. It shall be interesting what the sequel to Thor will bring us. Apart from Tommy Wiseau as Loki, I mean. Oh, don’t act like that’s not what he looks like! Look at that haircut, damnit!

Down below is my rating and, as per usual, a trailer. But come on, you guys. Did you really have to make it look so epic? Couldn’t the trailer have just been “okay” too?

3/5 whatever