Good God, I can’t believe it. It happened again. It actually happened again. Justin Bieber acted like a jackass, I tried to ignore it, his fans acted like even bigger jackasses, I tried like the biggest jackass to resist writing a post about it, I failed and now we’re here.

But I’m sorry, these people just aren’t giving it a fucking rest! They just aren’t. I’m truly starting to think that Justin Bieber and his fetishists are deliberately attempting to think up new and inventive reasons for them to be hated and made fun of by just about everyone else, possibly because they desire attention. People this stupid can’t possibly have come into existence by pure accident. This has to be part of some sort of government experiment to create the least intelligent lifeforms on the planet. [Codename: Project Belieber.]

In this particular instance, ultimate punchline Justin Bieber recently visited the house of the Anne Frank, whose diary from the Holocaust, I am ashamed to admit, I have yet to give a reading; but that’s not the point. What happened was that Bieber, like the boundless sweetheart we all know he is, wrote in the guest book that he wishes that Anne Frank, had she survived, would have been a Belieber. I shit you not – he wrote exactly that. If you can’t take my word for it, Google it. You’ll find several spot-on results for at least 10 pages. And honestly, I don’t even know how to interpret that.

I mean, does he think that Anne Frank died recently and that if she was alive, she’d be young enough to actually find Bieber tolerable? Or does he think that elderly Holocaust survivors are amongst his most common listeners? I don’t know, but no matter which one of those you pick, you’ll come up with the same result: Justin Bieber is an idiot. Surprised? Nah, didn’t think so.

But was that enough? Was it enough that Bieber simply did something we could mock him for yet again? Couldn’t we just let him be stupid and leave it at that? No! Of course not. His army of Beliebers just had to have some role in the sheer absurd stupidity of it all, as well. How else would the Internet be infested with garbage like this right here:


I know lots of people have wished the Auschwitz fate upon Beliebers in the past, but come on!

Yeah, no kidding. Beliebers are actually going around telling people that they’re jealous of Anne Frank because Justin Bieber spoke her damn name. I mean, as remarkably idiotic as Bieber’s statement was, at least he made an attempt to show Frank respect. His fangirls, on the other hand, couldn’t even be bothered to look up who one of the most well-known people in human history actually is/was. Thus we have people going around talking about how much they envy Anne Frank. Because she was just such a blessed and fortunate human being. Even if the picture above is fake, which it easily could be, I have seen comments on Facebook that say similar things. There are no words. None.

You know, I’m both surprised and almost a little disappointed that 4chan, in order to keep with the Holocaust theme, didn’t create another fake Twitter trend for the Beliebers to follow, thus fooling them into trying to fish for Justin’s attention via the hastag #GasYourselfToDeathForJustin. If you don’t think something as insane as that sounds typical for both 4chan and the Bieber fans, you cannot be very familiar with either.

EDIT: Did you know Justin Bieber is currently in Sweden? In other news: North Korea has for some reason suddenly re-targeted their missiles at Scandinavia. Swedish Prime Minister says he “understands”.