Well, it seems like there’s some major chaos going on over in the USA, as explosions have erupted during the Boston Marathon and taken multiple lives. Speculations point towards a terrorist attack but at the time I’m writing this, nothing is certain. I did however encounter a muslim gentleman in my Facebook news feed just now who was quite enthusiastically cheering on whatever people had performed the bombing, so you never know, right?

And no, that is not a bad-taste joke on my part. I really saw someone write something that sickening and he had comrades backing him up on it, as well. Don’t believe me? I’ve got a screencap. I’ll post it if I must. I swear to Sonmi! And even then, I am willing like to think that Kim-Jong Un is a more likely mastermind than the remains of Osama’s buddies.

I really don’t have much to say, due to my limited knowledge of the events. What I’d just like to comment briefly on, though, is that I love how after the Boston Bombings everyone seems to agree that humanity officially sucks. Which is essentially the same as saying “Yeah, fuck those people trying to help bystanders find their loved ones and donating blood and such bollocks. Humanity is pure crap; I’m such a misanthrope!” to which I’d like to nod my head “no”.

The people who “suck” here are the bombers. I know that this planet is practically beyond salvage in terms of stupidity and what sort of horrid humans are even permitted to breed, but let’s try to put some focus back on the good guys, how about that? People are trying to help and enormous kudos to those who do. (You know, like those ever-so helpful conspiracy theorists who claim that the attack was actually planned by the creator of Family Guy. What oh what would we do without such useful humans?)

I send my condolences to the families of those who perished and many hopes to those who were injured. Trust me, I wish I could do more than that, but what power does a lazy, Swedish farmer like me have in a situation like this one?

EDIT: Yes, I know that the bombings are essentially nothing in comparison to what’s happening in Middle Eastern countries practically every day. Now, if, however, I am right that these attacks (even more of which have taken place at the time of this edit) could be the start of a Third World War, then I’d say the chaos would be on a broader scale and possibly more deserving of our current focus. I don’t know if that will happen, but at this point in the Earth’s history, I’d believe just about anything.